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Mica milling equipment

Introduction to muscovite

Muscovite is not alone a white, the bazaar will be accompanied by red, brown, blooming and added altered colors, and has a assertive bottle and cottony and added luster. As the muscovite top temperature resistance, acceptable insulation, abiding nature, so afterwards crushing, milling processing, is broadly acclimated in circadian chemical, paint, construction, rubber, plastics and abounding added areas.

With the connected development of the economy, the appliance of muscovite crumb will abide to be expanded, the bazaar appeal is aswell increasing, wish to advance in processing muscovite crumb accompany are added and more. For investors, the allocation of reasonable dolomite milling assembly line, the agreement of the best cutting processing accessories is actual important. So what is the muscovite milling machine? The afterward is a abrupt accession to everyone.

What are the mica milling equipment?

  • 1, jaw crusher
  • Jaw altercation is mainly on the muscovite ore to do the antecedent abject crushing treatment, for the milling date to board high-quality mineral raw materials. The accessory anatomy is simple, avant-garde technology, achievement advantages are actual prominent, the specific achievement is as follows:

    (1) jaw bowl actual is better, so that it has a greater amount capacity, compression resistance, bane resistance, finer advance its crushing adeptness of 65% or more, the account activity can be continued about 3 times;

    (2) crushing atrium to access the best augment admeasurement can adeptness 1500mm, can board added dolomite materials, so the accessories added fragmentation, assembly can be added 2-3 times, up to 2200t per hour;

    (3) torn aftereffect is good, torn muscovite particles of compatible quality, no broken, mostly cube structure, bigger quality, can finer abate the amount of milling equipment;

  • 2, muscovite milling machine
  • Muscovite milling apparatus is a red brilliant apparatus accurately for muscovite characteristics, accumulated with adopted avant-garde milling technology and Raymond Mill advantage produced by the unparalleled anatomy and artefact advantages.

    (1) the roller is fabricated of top superior materials, and distinctively advised to accomplish it accept bigger cutting ability, the superior is aswell added robust, the milling adeptness is bigger by about 80%

    Mica milling equipment

    (2) the accession of reliable explosion-proof device, can advance abiding and safe operation of equipment, not because of accessories aging, baptize agreeable is too top or abnormal operation acquired by accessories explosion, to abstain accidents;

    (3) Afterwards milling, the muscovite crumb has a accomplished texture, no rock crumb content, top purity, acceptable quality, and can accommodated the college accepted automated demand, so that it has bigger bazaar affairs and price;

    (4) three-dimensional anatomy design, the aggregate finer bargain by 40%, simple operation, baby footprint, and the arrangement is actual strong, can anatomy a abstracted operation of the milling system, investment costs by 50%.

  • 3, electromagnetic beating feeder
  • Electromagnetic beating agriculturalist is to drove the dolomite particles analogously to the silo, and again beatific to the muscovite milling machine, its simple structure, simple operation, abiding operation, low abortion rate, and activity extenuative effect, green, Has a acceptable effect, by the user favorite.

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