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Limestone hammer crusher

Introduction to limestone

Limestone is mainly composed of calcium carbonate mixed mineral, its texture is more brittle, has a good chemical resistance, acid resistance and a variety of anti-gas, it is widely used in construction, building materials industry; Secondly, in rubber, Plastic, paper, ink, glass, asbestos and other fields also have a good use value. In addition, the limestone processing can also be used as toothpaste, cosmetics and other additives, with a good whitening effect; with the continuous development of industrial technology, limestone application will continue to be widened, and then attract more and more friends want To join the limestone investment in production.

The basic premise of limestone applied to various fields is to first process the natural limestone. As the nature of the limestone is rather special, so most of the crushing equipment on the market can not achieve its ideal crushing effect, machine for this R & D production of limestone crusher & mdash; limestone efficient hammer crusher, the equipment structure is advanced, Performance advantages, by the limestone processing plant unanimously approved. The following highlights the structure of the device, working principle, performance advantages and other related information, we hope that the limestone efficient hammer crusher to have a full understanding.

Limestone high efficiency hammer crusher structure

Limestone high efficiency hammer crusher main structure by the maintenance hole, hammer, sub-tray, cylinder, liner, spindle, bearings, transmission and other components. The spindle through the V-belt by the motor drive, the number of hammer is determined by the size of the limestone crushing, each layer symmetrical installation of two, four or six, according to the length of the length can be divided into (325mm, 320mm, 315mm, 310mm) A number of different specifications, in accordance with the order from long to short in order to install, and from top to bottom layered layout.

Limestone high efficiency hammer crusher working principle

Limestone efficient hammer crusher is mainly by the impact of the material to break the material. The crushing process is roughly like this, the limestone material enters the crusher, is subjected to high-speed hammer impact and broken, through the broken limestone material, obtained from the hammer kinetic energy, and high-speed rushed to the frame body baffle, sieve , At the same time between the limestone material collision, was broken several times, less than the gap between the screen material, discharged from the gap, the individual material, in the screen bar again by the impact of the hammer, grinding, Squeezed and broken, and finally all qualified limestone materials are hammered from the gap, so as to obtain the desired size of the product. Limestone high efficiency hammer crusher is divided into two kinds of reversible and irreversible, in which the reversible hammer crusher rotor is reversible type, generally used for crushing; and irreversible hammer crusher rotor is irreversible, widely used in Limestone in the broken operation.

Limestone hammer crusher

Limestone high efficiency hammer crusher performance advantage

  • 1, the operation is simple and convenient: the internal structure of the equipment is compact and reasonable, the external shape of the beautiful, lighter weight, its area can be effectively reduced by about 40%, transport installation, operation and maintenance are more simple and convenient for enterprises to save a lot cost of investment;
  • 2, broken effect: the device used the "stone stone" broken principle, the effective realization of the "broken less grinding" broken way, can make the limestone material to achieve full fragmentation, broken better, broken out Of the finished limestone particles of uniform quality, beautiful grain, with a better application prospects;
  • 3, high crushing efficiency: hammer is the use of the highest quality high manganese steel materials, to enhance its strength, compression resistance, but also effectively improve the crushing of the limestone material and production capacity, and other crushers on the market Compared to its efficiency can be increased more than 3 times;
  • 4, a forming effect: the device has both the effect of coarse crushing, but also both crushing function, the limestone material can be broken to the best results, do not need other auxiliary crushing equipment, greatly simplifying the crushing process, reduce costs;
  • 5, long life: wearing parts and common parts are made of high-end materials, the rack part of the installation of protective devices, can reduce its wear rate, extend the replacement cycle, so the service life of the device can reach other crusher 3 Times more than;
  • 6, stable operation: the equipment is very stable and reliable operation, the failure rate is very low, and in any harsh environment can be normal operation, greatly improving its use of flexibility;
  • 7, energy saving effect is significant: the use of efficient motor equipment, can greatly reduce the kinetic energy consumption, compared with the same specifications of other crusher can save electricity each year on the million;
  • 8, green: crushing cavity design is very unique, and all sealed, completely put an end to the limestone fine dust flying out of the phenomenon, to avoid pollution to the production environment, and the installation of silencer device, noise control can be completely controlled;
  • 9, small investment, big income: limestone efficient hammer crusher low price, strong production capacity, cost recovery cycle is short, generally about three months can be fully recovered capital investment, can effectively achieve small investment, big income & rdquo " ; The ideal production effect.

Limestone hammer crusher user feedback

Limestone high-performance hammer crusher structure, performance has an unusual unique, for the major enterprises to create a very considerable economic profits, and highly appreciated by the industry, the following are a few representative manufacturers Feedback on the application of the device.

1, Shanxi a limestone processing plant

I built in 2013, after a wide range of network inquiries, and ultimately selected the machine, the company was selected professional and technical personnel personally arrived at the scene, designed for us to the entire limestone efficient hammer crusher-based broken production line , Its structure and reasonable layout, the process is simple, basically do not need to invest too much manpower and material resources for us to save a lot of capital investment. The entire production line layout down, occupied by the effective area just in line with the original plan, the production line is very high efficiency, has been used for 3 years, the operation has been very stable, basically no fault occurred for my company to bring a huge economy interest.

2, a limestone processing plant in Anhui

I set up the company 2 years, but the economic benefits have not been particularly stable, check the reason found that the working state of the crusher has been less stable, after several optimization has not been significant results, and finally decided to buy a friend under the decision machine production of limestone efficient hammer crusher on the original production line for a thorough transformation. After the transformation and found that the entire production line production has been significantly improved, the overall operation is also very stable, only half a year for my company set an unprecedented profit margins. At present, our company has signed a purchase contract with the machine again, ready to increase the production line for three expansion of the operation.

3, a limestone processing plant in Zhejiang

Our company has always been the use of machine production of limestone efficient hammer crusher, because the equipment is not only good performance, and the production of limestone particles are very strong quality, in the market has a very good price for my company to become The local largest limestone processing enterprises laid the foundation. Also need to put forward is the staff of the machine is very enthusiastic, not only patiently answer each of our questions, but also regularly on the use of equipment for a return visit to the equipment to update and improve, always be able to think first My company solve problems, here is very grateful to all employees of machines.