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Dolomite processing production line

dolomite processing production line

Dolomite introduction

Dolomite mostly white solid, with strong chemical stability, good thermal stability, tasteless, insoluble in water and other characteristics, is a very high value of industrial resources, with the strength of its research to further increase, Its scope of application and use of the field is also further broadened, is widely used in construction, chemical, rubber, plastics and many other areas. The domestic demand for dolomite is also increasing, processing dolomite in addition to the application of a separate equipment for its processing, you can also use dolomite processing production lines for production operations, the following we detail the dolomite processing production line equipment As well as the price scheme.

Dolomite processing line required equipment

Dolomite is a non-metallic mineral, its processing is mainly broken, grinding process, the equipment used to have jaw crusher, cone crusher, vibration feeder, tape conveyor and auxiliary equipment, etc. We systematically introduce some important equipment:

1, jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is a crushing equipment, it is in the dolomite processing production line is the main role is to dolomite rough task, the device is the biggest advantage of crushing ratio, so as to meet the actual requirements of the processing process, the GM machine production Jaw crusher performance is the most stable, high efficiency, improve the protection system by the user's unanimously approved, is the production line is essential to a device.

2, cone crusher

Cone crusher is a high-end crushing equipment, its biggest advantage is the degree of automation, high efficiency, uniform discharge, etc., it plays a vital role in the production line, due to jaw crusher out of the limitations , The equipment is mainly on the crushing of the material on the second crushing operations, in the entire dolomite processing production line mainly play the role of complementary crushing.

3, vibration feeder

Vibrating feeder is generally at the forefront of the production line. Its main function and task is to send the dolomite raw material into the jaw crusher through the conveying equipment, and then complete the feeding task. The process requires the equipment to be running at the speed of the production line Rated speed match, so as to ensure that the production capacity of dolomite processing lines can meet customer expectations of the standard value.

Introduction of dolomite mineral processing equipment

1, jaw crusher

  • Jaw Crusher is a long time and rugged crushing equipment, in the dolomite rough break to play a larger use, the performance characteristics of the device have the following points:
  • (1) for the dolomite crushing is not only efficient, but also in the production of low noise, less dust, for the production workshop to create a good operating environment.
  • (2) through the wedge adjustment device, the device can be the mouth of the 10mm & mdash; 400mm within the adjustment to meet the different users of dolomite crushing requirements.

2, ball mill

  • Ball mill is used for grinding the dolomite main equipment, the grinding of the dolomite particle size can be the maximum to meet the user's production needs, the device has the characteristics are:
  • (1) the use of larger specifications and special materials made of rolling bearings, reducing the friction in production, reducing the loss of equipment, so that users in the production of lower cost of investment.
  • (2) equipment in the production has a strong stability, reducing the frequency of equipment maintenance, so that users get higher yields in the production.

3, flotation machine

  • Flotation machine It is mainly through the addition of different agents to make the nature of the separation of different substances important equipment in the production and processing of dolomite has a more important use of the equipment in the production of the advantages shown are:
  • (1) equipment, a higher degree of refinement of the can effectively improve the equipment in the production of flotation effect, thereby increasing the production capacity of the equipment.
  • (2) with a sewage purification system, the production of sewage generated in a timely and effective treatment to avoid the production of environmental and water pollution.
  • (3) the impeller of the device has been in a state of movement, can effectively remove the body of the accumulation of materials and debris, reduce the production of the body damage, extending the service life of the device.

4, dryer

  • Drying machine can be flotation, concentrated concentrate after the effective drying, and in the drying process to effectively avoid the dust effluent to bring secondary pollution, the equipment has a large amount of drying, energy saving, environmental protection and other characteristics The