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Dolomite efficient Raymond Mill

Introduction to Dolomites

Dolomite crystal structure is rhombohedral, and calcite similar, because of its different quality of impurities, often showing a transparent, white or brown and other different colors, and with glass or pearl luster. China's dolomite resources are relatively rich, mainly in Taiwan, Shandong, Liaoning and other places.

Dolomite is widely used, can be used as cement raw materials, glass and ceramic fillers, pesticides, steel conversion furnace refractory inner layer, water purification substances, is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemicals, agriculture, Medicine and other important areas. But the natural dolomite can not be directly applied, but need to go through a series of broken, grinding and processing made after a certain degree of dolomite grinding, in order to achieve its value. The most commonly used equipment for dolomite milling is the production of dolomite high-performance Raymond Mill by GM Machine Factory. The equipment is a combination of the most advanced Raymond Mill technology, combined with dolomite hardness and humidity characteristics of R & D and production of efficient mine Mongolian milling machine, its advanced structure, excellent performance, is a rare high-quality equipment, in the market by the unanimous recognition. So what are the unique properties of the device? Here for everyone to introduce.

The structure of dolomite efficient Raymond Mill

The host of the dolomite high-performance Raymond Mill is mainly composed of the frame, the volute volute, the blade, the grinding roller, the grinding ring, the shell and the motor. In addition, the corresponding jaw crusher can be arranged. Machine, bucket elevator, blower, analysis machine, pipeline device, electric control stand system.

Dolomite efficient Raymond Mill working principle

Dolomite efficient Raymond Mill work, will need to crush the dolomite material from the hood side of the feed hopper into the machine, relying on hanging in the host plum rack on the roller device, revolving around the vertical axis, while Itself rotation, due to the role of centrifugal force when rotating, grinding roller swing outward, pressed against the grinding ring, so that shovel shovel material from the grinding roller and grinding ring, rolling roller rolling to achieve the crushed material purpose.

Performance advantage of dolomite efficient Raymond Mill

  • 1, three-dimensional external structure, not only more beautiful, but also can effectively reduce the area occupied by equipment, reduce the cost of infrastructure enterprises;
  • 2, the main and vulnerable parts are imported high-quality materials, greatly improve its wear-resistant use, to extend the life of equipment;
  • 3, the use of advanced automatic control system, can simplify the operation of the equipment process, the basic milling workshop to achieve the best results without manual operation, thereby reducing the labor costs of enterprises;
  • 4, from dolomite crushing to milling and then to the finished product packaging process to form an independent and complete production system, can simplify the entire production process and reduce operating costs;
  • 5, grading equipment is used in efficient turbine classifier, not only increase its grading effect, and can make the dolomite grain size in the 30-800 between the free adjustment;
  • 6, the fan through the optimization and improvement, greatly increasing its air volume and wind pressure, thereby enhancing the amount of dolomite material delivery, improve equipment milling capacity, to achieve efficient milling effect;
  • Dolomite efficient Raymond Mill
  • 7, the equipment is very stable and reliable operation to avoid frequent vibration caused by noise pollution, but also reduces the failure rate of the equipment;
  • 8, the equipment of the milling is very large, and finished dolomite fine powder quality uniform, low content of stone powder, the market price is high;
  • 9, dust removal equipment is selected the latest type of red paint, to minimize dust pollution, to achieve zero dust production effect;
  • 10, the installation of advanced safety explosion-proof device, to avoid excessive water content or equipment aging caused by dust explosion, improve the safety of the use of equipment;
  • 11, dolomite efficient Raymond Mill price comparison is economical and reasonable, the model is complete, can achieve low investment, high return of good goals.

Dolomite efficient Raymond Mill manufacturers advantage

GM machine factory as a dolomite efficient Raymond Mill main manufacturer, has the following advantages:

1, the strength

My company is headquartered in Henan Province, Zhengzhou City High-tech Development Zone, and in various provinces across the country are equipped with production workshop and sales outlets to facilitate the purchase of customers in various regions. Since the construction, has from the United States, Germany, Japan and other developed countries to introduce a number of advanced technology and have their own R & D team and research and development laboratories, has received a number of national patent technology, the production of equipment exports Australia, Indonesia , Singapore, Italy, more than 60 countries, Henan has become the most representative of the mill manufacturers.

2, brand excellence

GM machine factory always adhere to the customer-centric, customers for the God of the production concept, and always work diligently, diligently production of each device, for every customer, every process, each of the accessories responsible, Production equipment quality is very reliable, durable, at present, "GM" brand has been known as the famous Chinese brand, and officially to the international market.

3, the price economy

My company's equipment is very cost-effective, because my company has a rigorous, refined production management system, reducing the number of unnecessary production processes and processes, thereby reducing equipment costs, and thus greatly reduce the equipment factory price; , The company is independent research and development, self-produced, since the sale of large-scale production enterprises, the market price of equipment is the factory price, open, fair and transparent, reduce the middlemen make the difference, so the price is relatively low.

4, perfect service

GM machine factory service quality is perfect, pre-sale, there are professional staff 24 hours a day at any time to solve all customer equipment problems, and provide a comprehensive technical parameters of equipment and purchase points, if necessary, will also send professional engineers to reach Customer site according to the actual situation for customers to recommend the most reasonable model of the mill. Sale, and actively enthusiastically with the customer equipment purchase. After the sale, to provide customers with free equipment transport, installation and commissioning work, while the customer free equipment operation and routine maintenance training; Secondly, if the equipment in the use of the process of failure, the technical staff will give the most efficient and effective solution, If necessary, will also send professionals within 24 hours to reach the scene to repair the equipment; In addition, the regular use of equipment for the elderly customers to investigate and optimize the equipment in time to achieve the optimal operation of the equipment.