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As one of the leader mining and construction equipment manufacturer in China, GM Machinery has participated in many turnkey plant in Asia countries. We are experienced in cement plant, quarry plant, powder production line production.

Bauxite washing machine

Bauxite washing machine

Bauxite abrasion apparatus or bauxite washer accessories is acclimated accepted afterwards bauxite crushing action and bauxite cutting date in bauxite crushing plants or bauxite quarry plants. Bauxite abrasion apparatus is agnate with beach abrasion apparatus which is broadly acclimated in alluvium pits, mining, architecture materials, transportation, actinic industry, baptize utilities, accurate bond stations and added industries in the abrasion of the material.

In the bauxite crushing plants, bauxite altercation takes the role of primary crushing equipments for crushing, and again augment the ashamed bauxite ore into bauxite cutting machines for next grinding. Afterwards cutting process, we use bauxite abrasion apparatus to ablution ashamed bauxite for cutting and alternative preparation. Bauxite abrasion apparatus or bauxite washer can ablution rock crumb and balance abroad from the alloyed bank produced by beach authoritative machine, which can advance the beach superior mostly.

Bauxite washing machine

Bauxite abrasion apparatus features

  • 1. Bauxite abrasion apparatus of simple structure, the impeller drive address bulb abstracts with baptize and abandoned by water, abundant to abstain the address due to flooding, beach and pollutants could cause accident to the phenomenon.
  • 2. Less accident of accomplished bauxite ore and bauxite crumb in ore abrasion process
  • 3. There are no cutting locations except screens
  • 4. Long account life, abiding after maintenance.

In the bauxite assembly band or bauxite abrasion plant, bauxite authoritative machine, bauxite abrasion machine, cavernous screen, feeder, crusher, grinder are essential.

Bauxite abrasion apparatus Accession and operation

Bauxite abrasion apparatus is adopted the altered admeasurement of solid particles, and appropriately the amount of sedimentation in liquids of altered attempt of automated allocation equipment. It’s acclimated broadly in bauxite abrasion plant. Before use bauxite abrasion machine, we should yield affliction of account the accession advertisement and acutely accept how to accomplish abrasion apparatus in appropriate way.

  • 1. Before run bauxite washer, analysis affiliation bolt has been fastened, analysis adaptable locations anointed well.
  • 2. Motor should accouterments rain apartment to assure accessories from edge age.
  • 3. Bauxite abrasion apparatus should be installed on the aback of awning equipment.
  • 4. Bauxite abrasion apparatus should be installed on the able concrete. In adjustment to assure ascendancy systems, you charge body a accurate sedimentation basin to accord with the decay water.