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Alumite counterattack crusher

Analysis of alumite

Alunite in the processing are generally broken through the use of a series of use, GM machine based on the characteristics of alunite and the introduction of foreign advanced technology to carry out a specially designed and developed a new type of alunite processing broken Equipment - impact crusher, the equipment in the alunite processing has a very significant effect, the following to detailed on this alunite impact crusher for analysis.

Alumite impact crusher performance characteristics

  • 1, the structure of the device design is more advanced, very unique and innovative, and the appearance of the equipment is more beautiful, the structure of the internal system design is more reasonable, so that the equipment is small, light weight, equipment footprint is also small, Reducing the cost of equipment infrastructure and equipment costs.
  • 2, the device uses the most advanced processing and production technology, so that the device has a more complete crushing function, the equipment on the alunite broken effect is better, finished particles more uniform, excellent grain shape.
  • 3, the equipment used to install a more advanced dust-proof device system, so that equipment does not appear in the work of leakage phenomenon, the equipment sealing performance is better.
  • 4, the device also uses a more advanced keyless way to create the way, so that equipment maintenance is more convenient, greatly reducing the downtime of the equipment, equipment, operating efficiency has been improved, the higher the equipment output The
  • 5, the device is also designed to install a more advanced hydraulic protection device, so that the equipment in the actual operation more secure and reliable, so as to better ensure the user's economic benefits.
  • 6, the device counterattack plate and the distance between the hammer can be effectively adjusted, so that users can meet the different production requirements, the use of equipment range, and has a high flexibility.
  • 7, the equipment in the actual production and operation of the noise is small, the equipment power consumption is small, and no dust pollution, low energy consumption, equipment, energy saving and environmental protection performance is better.
Alumite counterattack crusher

Effect factors of alunite impact crusher on yield

  • 1, the size of the material size
  • The size of the material size of the equipment impact on the production of this is a very good understanding of the larger the size of the material then the equipment in the processing of the difficulty is relatively high, but also cause serious wear and tear equipment, in dealing with large pieces of material used The time will be more, so that the equipment crushing capacity and production will be reduced; of course, if the material size is relatively small, it will be relatively simple in the processing of some of the higher pass rate of materials, equipment operating efficiency has been more Good upgrade, then the equipment production has also been greatly improved.

  • 2, the material humidity level
  • The humidity of the material is also one of the factors affecting the production of equipment, when the material humidity is high, then the equipment will be very high viscosity, the equipment in the broken material will be easy to stick on the broken wall, it will slow down , Hinder the passage of material, serious cases will cause the occurrence of clogging, once the blockage will be shut down to clean up, once the equipment that means that the output will certainly be affected.

  • 3, the performance of the equipment is good or bad
  • Equipment performance is a very critical factor, if the equipment performance is better, then the equipment in the run will be more stable and reliable, high efficiency, broken effect is good, and in the actual production process of the failure rate occurs less , Which greatly reduces the equipment downtime, but the equipment running time is better to increase, so that the output of the equipment will certainly improve; if the equipment performance is not good, then not only reach the desired output and equipment crushing effect is also poor , In the operation of the energy consumption is also high, the frequency of failure is high, this will seriously affect the normal operation of equipment, equipment production must also be affected.

The above is a detailed analysis of the alunite impact crusher and the main factors affecting the device, hoping to give users in the purchase and use of help. GM machine is a professional, large, formal alumite counterattack crushing equipment processing manufacturer, our company not only produces alumite counterattack crusher, but also the production of jaw crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, Raymond Grinding machines and other mining processing equipment, I produced a wide range of equipment, model specifications are more complete, and I can also according to the actual production needs of users "tailored" suitable equipment.