VSI crusher

VSI crusher machine VSI series impactors are represented in Model A and Model B,among them,Model A with a "Rock on A Anvil" crushing chamber is mainly used for low abrasive rock,Model B with a “Rock on Rock”mainly used for abrasive rock.Mode A and Model B can be converted into each other by replacing crushing chamber.VSI series are featured in high reliability,less maintenance and economic operation cost over competitors,all the benefits are from cascade feeding,deep rotor,full feed flow centralization,inner air flow cycling,heavy duty hearings and oil lubrication systems.

Features of VSI crusher

  • (1) Operation theory:Feed material in the hopper goes in two ways,one flow goes directly down to the rotor,being accelerated,and thrown out on the anvils or rock packing where breaking is taken place;the another overflows down to the crushing chamber through the hopper outlets and collides with the high moving material for breaking.
  • (2) Patented feed centralizer:Feed centralizer could eliminate feed hitting unevenly the wear parts and rotor which will shorten parts life and cause bearings failure;the another benefit is helpful for dust enclosure because of without air flow entering crushing chamber.
  • (3) Patented air inner cycling design:It assures there is no air in or out of the crushing chamber,so a dust leaking is avoided.
  • (4) Deep rotor:Perfect balance,high throughput,less wear parts consumption.
  • (5) Model A,Model B converts other.
  • (6) Inspection and maintenance door is convenient for wear parts changing without lifting tools.
  • (7) Oil lubrication system and motor start control are equipped with completed function prevention.

Strcture of VSI crusher

VSI crusher

Application of VSI crusher

VSI sand making machine can be widely used in crushing sand metal, nonmetal and a variety of building materials, sand and gravel aggregates, slag and other raw materials for raw materials in the following Mohs hardness of 9 degrees, VSI Sand Making Machine can be divided into the new into two sand structure, namely two rock stone blacksmith and stone, rock stone was at work when the collision friction material with each other through broken stone blacksmith was hit by a liner on the stones carried on stone crushing, VSI New Sand using these two methods for shaping the raw material sand, according to the needs of actual operating conditions corresponding system of sand degrees.

Sand Making Machine working principle

Stone from the upper part of the machine directly into the high-speed rotation of the turntable, under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, and another part of the umbrella way to split the turntable around the target stone to produce high-speed impact and high-density crushing, stone hit each other, But also in the turntable and the formation of eddy motion between the chassis caused by repeated combat, friction, crushing, from the lower part of the discharge. Forming a closed loop multiple times, controlled by the screening device to achieve the required particle size.

Stones enter the crusher by the vibrating feed and are divided to two components. Some enter the high speed spinning impellor by means of the distributor plus the accelerated speed might be a hundred times of the gravitational acceleration.

Then the components are thrown out from three runners in the speed of 60-70m/s and effect the falling materials in the distributor.

Then they come for the lining of the inner cavity and get bounced by the material liner for the upper finish with the whirling motion cavity.

Then they transform the direction to move down. The materials cast in the impellor type a continuous material curtain. In this case, the supplies can knowledge two or a lot more occasions of impacting and grinding processes.

The crushed supplies are discharged in the bottom hole.

Forming a closed circuit with all the circulation screening system, the vibrating feeder can deal with the components as fine as 20 meshes inside 3 circulations.

Within the complete crushing procedure, the materials hit each and every other without the need of touching the metal elements directly.

They meet the material lining so as to decrease the pollution and prolong the service life in the machine. The sophisticated air flow in the whirling motion cavity can properly lessen the dust pollution.

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