Vibrating Screens

Vibrating Screens Prater has developed vibrating screens to handle everything from aluminum slurry to tobacco with ease and efficiency. Our vibrating screens are applied to scalping and sizing either course or fine particles and de-watering solids. Units are available in stainless steel for food and pharmaceutical applications and are also available in enclosed, open or hoppered construction with one, two or three decks. Additionally, our vibrating screens can be base-mounted or suspended for convenient assembly and installation. Engineered to be efficient, reliable and cost-effective, Prater vibrating screens offer consistent service throughout its long life, ensuring high productivity and proven dependability. Our vibrating screens can be used to size or separate material from 6 inch to 20 mesh (840 microns) while positive eccentric action delivers a more uniform distribution over the screening surface for more efficient coarser applications.

A broad range of materials can be separated with the Prater vibrating screens, and we invite new customers to put our screens to the test as they separate material to individual particle sizes or remove solids from liquids. We are confident that our vibrating screens offer the safest, most modern and reliable processing method for upgrading the quality of your sized, separated or de-watered material and we are eager to show you what we have accomplished with this uniquely designed vibrating screen.

Prater vibrating screens require low power and maintenance costs for the same great performance that our customers have learned to expect from our processing equipment. A customizable screen size and body design ensures that your company’s requirements for space and applications are adhered to for a personalized machine that meets all of your needs. Our screens ensure that all vibrations are confined to the frame and there are no dead areas.

Vibrating screens are often used to remove impurities, moisture, or initial grading operations from mines to metallurgy, from building materials to electricity, from road construction bridges to food and chemical industries. Vibrating screens are often placed in the user an important part of the production process, the quality of the vibrating screen affect the entire production line production efficiency and product quality, choose a good shaker is to improve business efficiency of a focus.

Linear vibrating screen Application: Linear vibrating screen is a kind of high efficiency new screening equipment, widely used in mining, coal, smelting, building materials, refractory materials, chemical industry, the equipment can be powder, granular material screening classification , It is stable and reliable work, low consumption, low noise, long life, high efficiency screening.

Linear vibrating screen advantages exist:

  • 1, sieve machine design compact, easy to use, one can operate.
  • 2, with a large screening area and high efficiency of the processing capacity.
  • 3, the parent network fully support the fine network, so fine network can read a longer life and reduce the use of fine network supplies, the use of the process can reduce a lot of costs.
  • 4, the unique design of the screen structure, convenient and fast replacement screen, according to the needs of customers for a strong adjustment.
  • Linear vibrating screen mainly by the screen box, sieve frame, screen, motor pedestal, vibration spring, bracket and other components.
  • Screen box: there are several different thickness of the plate made of welding, with a certain strength and hardness, is the main part of the screen machine.
  • Screen frame: made of wood, mainly used to keep the screen smooth, to achieve normal screening.
  • Screen: the material of the screen for customers to choose, according to the needs of buyers to produce.
  • Motor bench: Install the vibration motor, the use of the front link screws must be tightened, especially the new screening machine before the trial 3 days must be repeatedly tightened to avoid loosening.
  • Damping spring: to prevent vibration to pass to the ground, while supporting the full weight of the screen box, the installation of the spring must be perpendicular to the ground.
  • Bracket: consists of four pillars and two channel steel, supporting the screen box, the installation must be perpendicular to the ground, the two pillars below the tank should be parallel to each other.

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