Ultra fine grinding mill

Ultra fine grinding mill

ultra fine grinding mill domestic situation

ultra fine grinding mill is a grinding equipment, the equipment for non-metallic mineral production and application plays a key role, it is compared with the traditional milling equipment, the biggest feature is the powder particle size is very fine, to meet Many customers in the performance of the stringent requirements of the powder, the characteristics of the equipment is the biggest advantage, is not the other milling equipment, it is the general fine grinding equipment can not match. Domestic ultra fine grinding mill in terms of technology and manufacturing has reached the international advanced level, especially in recent years, the rapid development of science and technology, and therefore also led the field of mining equipment in the technical research and development level has also been more prominent performance, so the domestic Of the equipment in the production and processing areas to meet the practical needs of many users.

Advantages of ultra fine grinding mill

There are many advantages of ultra fine grinding mill, from the name alone we can see that the equipment has the advantage in the processing of materials, production process, the device can reflect other advantages, the following we discuss in detail And interpretation:

1, the powder fine: the reason why the equipment in the powder particle size has such a big advantage is the equipment of the motor performance is more superior, excellent motor can make the equipment running more stable, only a smooth running state is out Fine powder, fine the only criteria, so the GM Group ultra fine grinding mill in this area the most advantage.

2, the motor developed: the equipment of the motor using the most advanced motor parts, equipment parameters must be matched with the equipment, especially the model, power, speed, the appropriate model is the basis of normal operation equipment, power and speed can So that the equipment in the production process to achieve maximum production efficiency and maximum production capacity, to enhance the production of equipment plays a decisive role.

3, the most cost-effective: cost is an economic indicators, and equipment performance, price is closely linked, the performance of the equipment is to characterize the performance and price is reasonable with the only reference standard, only the cost of the equipment is high enough, it can In the sales process occupies the most prominent advantages, GM Group has a cost-effective research, so the company's equipment performance is more perfect, the price is very reasonable, the customer's evaluation of the company's equipment is very high.

Effect of ultra - fine milling machine production factors

Production is of great significance to customers, it is the basis for improving production efficiency, but also to increase the production capacity of equipment prerequisites, production can not only improve the comprehensive use of equipment, while enhancing the economic efficiency of enterprises also play a key role , We discuss in detail the factors that affect the production of ultra fine grinding mill and the basic way to increase production, as follows:

1, running state

The operating condition is a key factor in improving the production of the equipment. Only a stable operating condition is the most powerful way to increase the production. The operating condition of the equipment is closely related to the performance of the motor. The excellent motor parts provide the steady state of the equipment The reliability of the protection. GM Group preferred high-quality, high-quality, high-performance motor parts, so as to improve the operation of the equipment from the most fundamental issues, the equipment running state once meet the actual production needs, then the customer concerns the yield problem Can be effectively resolved.

2, the control system

The control system is also closely related to the improvement of the production. The system is the software operation part of the equipment. Its function and function are the control of the hardware of the equipment. It mainly includes two aspects: one is the running speed control, Second, the size of the control of the size of the control, speed control is to improve the production of the most direct and most effective way to improve the equipment running speed can improve the equipment production, the specific steps and processes are very simple and reasonable; There is also a certain connection between the material due to the different degree of hard, in the course of the use of the material size also has a certain impact, so reasonable to adjust the equipment particle size is also a good way to improve equipment production.

3, adjust the device

The device is generally installed in the vicinity of the motor, it is used to adjust the motor speed and equipment, the output of the motor and equipment also have a certain correlation between the experiment confirmed: reasonable adjustment of the motor speed can also increase the output of the equipment, Regulation also plays a decisive role in the promotion of production. GM Group's adjustment device range is very wide, customers can according to their actual needs to reasonably adjust the motor speed, and thus achieve the final effect of regulating the output of the equipment, so the adjustment device for the increase in production also has a great help.

Installation of ultra fine grinding mill Note the main points

ultra fine grinding mill is now on the market more mainstream milling equipment, its superior performance to meet the needs of our customers. Users buy ultra fine grinding mill manufacturers will generally send professionals to the user to install the debugging machine, but sometimes also need to install their own users, then how to install ultra fine grinding mill? Below the Henan GM technical staff for everyone to explain the installation and adjustment of ultra fine grinding mill.

1, ultra fine grinding mill manufacturers in addition to providing milling machine host, but also according to user requirements to provide complete sets of equipment. Users can also purchase the host separately, and then choose the necessary equipment.

2, the equipment should be connected firmly, the pipe joints should be sealed to prevent gas leakage, such as lax, not only will produce dust pollution, and will make the production capacity and finished fineness decline.

3, the distribution cabinet should be placed in the easy operation, easy to observe the operation of the equipment, the electrical connection between the equipment should be placed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the country in the pipeline.

4, the distribution cabinet should be equipped with the equipment on and off buttons, work lights, the host motor ammeter, feed motor and grading motor speed control buttons and a variety of protection devices.

5, the complete sets of equipment produced by the fine powder fineness, according to the product requirements of material within a certain range of free to adjust, adjust the product before the first sample, with the corresponding particle size measurement of fineness, if the powder Better than the qualified product size, can improve the level of impeller speed, until the requirements so far. On the contrary, if the powder particle size is too small, you can reduce the level of impeller speed, until the product material requirements.

6, when the product size to meet the requirements, and then observe the ammeter to adjust the main motor load. If the load is too large or insufficient, you can increase or decrease the feed motor speed to change the feed volume, so that the main motor load to maintain the best condition.

7, processing heat-sensitive materials, the main motor load should be adjusted to slightly lower than the rated power value.

8, the size of the transmission pipe air volume, by adjusting the size of the fan to open the wind blower to achieve. When the air volume is large, the product size is coarse, but the output increases. The volume of the product is small and the yield is reduced accordingly. When the main air volume to meet the requirements of product fineness and productivity, generally no longer be adjusted.

9, should regularly check the tension of the transmission belt to prevent pulley slip. Belt tension stress 20-27N, belt length per meter sag of 16mm.

Bentonite ultra fine grinding mill

China's bentonite resources are very rich reserves, ranking first in the world, its conventional state generally show a white or light yellow, but in the iron content changes will appear when the light green, pink, brick red, gray and black and other different Color, its hardness in general, with good adsorption, swelling, pulp, and therefore can be used in the manufacture of adhesives, stabilizers, suspending agents, livestock feed, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, catalysts, etc., is a use Extremely extensive natural mineral raw materials.

Bentonite before the general need to go through the milling process, commonly used equipment is the GM Machine Factory production of bentonite ultra fine grinding milling machine, the equipment structure is advanced, grinding effect, the price is economical and reasonable in the market has a high degree of praise. The following mainly from the bentonite ultra fine grinding mill working principle, performance advantages and other aspects of a comprehensive introduction for investors to buy this device to provide some guiding significance.

Been bentonite ultra fine grinding mill working principle

Bentonite ultrafine grinding machine roller hanging hood on the fastening of the pressure of 1000-1500 kg high pressure spring. After the work began, the roller rotates around the main shaft, and under the action of the high pressure spring and the centrifugal force, it is close to the grinding ring rolling, and its rolling pressure is 1.2 times higher than the Raymond powder under the same power condition, so the production is greatly improved.

Bentonite ultra fine grinding mill Performance Advantages

1, the structure is more optimized, the volume continues to shrink, space covers an area smaller, the use of more flexible and convenient;

2, processing capacity and milling effect can be comparable with the air grinding, and the price is only 1/3 of the air mill;

3, the same yield case, the system energy consumption is only 1/5 of the air mill, energy saving effect is also very significant;

4, grinding and grinding roller between the design is more reasonable, lower wear rate, life expectancy of 3-5 times the traditional mill;

5, the operation is very stable, continuous trouble-free operation more than 3000 hours;

6, grinding pressure is very large, can make bentonite grinding more thoroughly and thoroughly, to improve the milling capacity and milling effect;

7, the equipment running low noise, vibration, dust pollution is basically zero;

8, finished bentonite low iron content, higher purity, the market price is high;

9, bentonite ultra fine grinding mill low price, investment income is fast, can be described as a small investment, big harvest.

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