Tracked mobile crushing station

Tracked mobile crushing station

Tracked mobile crushing station basic introduction

Tracked mobile crushing station, also known as crawler-type mobile crushing station, is the latest research and development in recent years, a high-efficiency, low-power crushing equipment, the use of advanced self-driven structure, with jaw crusher, cone Crusher, impact crusher or impact crusher and so on, and equipped with vibrating screen, conveyor, feeder and other related equipment, as a complete broken production line, it is equivalent to a free movement of the Small gravel processing plant, you can go to any harsh, traffic inconvenient gravel site, to avoid the broken, sieving equipment, a separate composition of the production line generated by the transport difficulties.

Crawler-type mobile crusher station is widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, mining, water conservancy, power plants and other fields, can adapt to the material also includes granite, limestone, quartz stone, iron ore, molybdenum ore, And so on, the effect of urban construction waste is particularly good, can quickly and effectively destroy all the construction waste, turning waste into treasure, to achieve its recycling value, by the environmental protection enterprises and national government departments love and support.

Performance of tracked mobile crusher station

1, covers an area of ​​small, rational layout of the space

The equipment is used in the integration of the whole machine structure, to avoid the re-installation of the individual equipment caused by the complicated procedures, and the entire broken production line space layout is more reasonable and compact, so as to effectively reduce the material transport and working hours of the cost of consumption, At the same time in the full range of the contents of the complete crushing production line to be streamlined settings, reducing the size of the site restrictions for enterprises to reduce a lot of investment costs.

2, widely used, more flexible mobile

The use of crawler-style mobile solutions, not because the overall weight is too large to cause damage to the road, and both in low-lying, high slope or harsh road conditions are able to walk freely, safe entry site, with greater mobility flexibility , Is conducive to stationed in other crushers can not reach the production site, the scope of application more widely.

3, reliable operation, low kinetic energy consumption

The equipment used by the diesel engine is the exclusive development of the GM Group with a national standard of patented products, fuel consumption is very low, low noise, and can be more than 98% of the kinetic energy into all broken can be used for material crushing, basically There is no kinetic energy loss; In addition, the equipment of the engine installed with excellent low temperature preheating start device, even under low temperature environment can easily start, increasing the stability of the equipment operation; In short, the equipment is extremely reliable, Consuming only 50% of other crushing equipment.

4, simple operation, high crushing efficiency

The device uses an advanced automatic control system, the device can run the button and the computer fully integrated in the remote easy to grasp the entire material crushing process, but also more accurate than the field operations, simplifying the entire operation process; In addition, the Equipment using a large drive, high-performance motor design, can better improve the efficiency of crushing equipment and crushing effect.

5, flexible configuration, green

The equipment can be freely configured according to customer needs the corresponding crusher, to meet more different production needs; In addition, tracked mobile crusher station all parts are optimized to achieve reliable, economical, environmentally friendly, green production , Basically do not produce any dust and noise pollution, can create an excellent production environment, which is other crushing equipment can not be achieved.

Maintenance of tracked mobile crusher station

  • Do a good job of tracked mobile crusher station routine maintenance work, to better extend its life, improve its performance, the following is a summary of the GM Group equipment maintenance content, I hope we can strictly in accordance with the requirements to implement.
  • 1, the bearing is mainly responsible for the entire load of the entire equipment, do bearing parts maintenance is essential, must be regularly on the various parts of the bearing parts to add lubricants, and to ensure the cleanliness of lubricants, lubrication system, good sealing;
  • 2, the general installation of the new wheel is very easy to loose phenomenon, the daily maintenance staff must always pay attention to view, if loose, need to immediately tighten the deal to prevent greater damage caused by equipment;
  • 3, regularly check the wearing parts of wear and tear, and to maintain adequate wear and tear parts, once found serious wear and tear, need to be replaced as soon as possible;
  • 4, the bearing oil temperature height can not be higher than a certain range, if the oil temperature is abnormal, you need to immediately check the cause of the problem until the problem can be reopened to run;
  • 5, if found rotating gears or other parts in the course of the operation of abnormal sound, it should immediately stop checking and completely eliminated before they can work again.

Track moving crushing and screening equipment price influencing factors

1, quality and price

"Quality determines the price", no doubt, the market in the crawler mobile crushing and sieving equipment, the better the quality of its price positioning will certainly be higher. But here note that the price equation can not be reversed, that is: high prices do not mean high quality. The current crawler mobile crushing and screening equipment market quite a lot of money, a lot of prices are being driven up, so Xiaobian in the proposed users in the purchase of crawler mobile crushing and screening equipment should be more than a few, preferred purchase.

2, manufacturers and prices

Crawler mobile crushing and screening equipment prices in addition to the quality of equipment, the equipment manufacturers also affect the price positioning of the key factors. In addition to the professional crawler mobile crushing and sieving equipment manufacturers, there are "halfway monk" non-professional tracked mobile crushing and sieving equipment manufacturers, and even some of the middle of the difference between the profit of the agents, so manufacturers Nature of the different, it gives the track moving crushing and screening equipment prices will naturally be different, but Xiaobian in this recommendation users in the purchase of crawler mobile crushing and screening equipment to professional track moving crushing and screening equipment manufacturers there to buy, not Said the other, just professional enough to complete the other track moving crushing equipment manufacturers.

3, selection and price

Crawler mobile crushing and screening equipment selection of different, destined to invest in different funds. Because different types of track moving crushing and screening equipment, the production process time-consuming and different consumption, and the consumption of steel raw materials is also a different measure, so different types of crawler mobile crushing and screening equipment prices are different, the greater the selection The higher the price, so Xiaobian suggested that users in the purchase of crawler mobile crushing and sieving equipment model, we must according to their actual production needs of enterprises, a reasonable purchase.

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