Sand making machine

Sand making machine

Introduction to sand making machine

Sand making equipment is made of sand equipment, and crushing equipment compared to the equipment for the processing of materials more sophisticated, the industry also known as the impact crusher, in the huge field of mines, crushing equipment and sanding equipment collectively referred to as sand Stone equipment, the general size of the material does not have strict requirements, sand making equipment and crushing equipment can be common to each other, so that you can improve the use of equipment. Sand making machine is in the environmental protection has a very big advantage, with the human attention to environmental protection is getting higher and higher, the equipment is adapted to the development trend of the times, the development of the mining industry and energy conservation and environmental protection policy vigorously Implementation plays a vital role, so the equipment is the mainstream of today's society equipment, and sand making machine is high-end, excellent, to meet the needs of the public reasonable equipment.

Sand making machine structure

Sand making machine towards the miniaturization and miniaturization of the direction of development, because the miniaturization of equipment is more conducive to the smooth implementation of energy-saving features, the reliability of equipment operation also has a great help; and miniaturization of the rapid implementation of environmental protection equipment has Positive guidance significance, while miniaturization of equipment for saving raw materials, reduce input costs also play a key role. The structure of the sand making machine is composed of electric motor, bracket, environmental protection parts, feeding bin, outlet, noise elimination circuit, control system and crushing chamber. The environmental protection parts, noise elimination circuit and control system are high-tech Under the product of the future development of sand making machine has a great contribution.

Features of sand making machine

Sand is characterized by the equipment in the production process to play a specific advantage, the specific advantages of equipment can show the performance of equipment, only the equipment performance is perfect, superior, it can create a huge economic benefits for customers. In order to distinguish it from the traditional sand making equipment, highlighting the concrete advantages of the equipment itself, our system summarizes the unique advantages of the equipment in the production process as follows:

  • 1, the material size uniformity, delicate, mainly the operation of the equipment is very stable, stable operation of the state is the key factor in the excellent particle size, smooth running state is one of the biggest advantages of equipment. GM Group in the equipment research and development, design process, taking full account of this factor for the production of equipment has a very important role, so the overall structure of the equipment and the details of the manufacturing are very focused on the stability of the operating state, so GM equipment is the best equipment choice.
  • 2, equipment manufacturing process is very simple, at present, miniaturization and miniaturization of the equipment more vulnerable to the majority of customers unanimously approved, because such equipment in addition to the production process in addition to all the advantages of traditional equipment, in the maintenance and maintenance process But also highlights the characteristics of equipment, maintenance is simple, easy maintenance is the main features of the device.
  • 3, the detection system is a major feature of the device, the system is equipped with the specific characteristics of the device, when the equipment in the production process abnormal situation, the system at this moment can play a unique role, its abnormal Conditions for effective handling and regulation, to normalize the operating procedures, to avoid greater damage to the equipment, which is to improve equipment life of a powerful way.
  • 4, sand making machine in environmental protection can best reflect the unique advantages of equipment, equipment, an independent environmental protection components, for the equipment emissions, fuel consumption to a reasonable degree of testing, if the value exceeds the specified range, environmental protection components through fuzzy control Technical and effective adjustment, and thus make all the values ​​are within the scope of environmental protection, if the adjustment device does not achieve the desired effect, the device will automatically shut down, the need for manual maintenance of its entire equipment.
  • 5, the equipment in the normal production process, the noise is effectively suppressed, GM Group independently developed noise elimination circuit in this decisive role, the circuit is for the device to start the noise and operating noise suppression can show the most Good effect, the circuit is generally installed in the vicinity of the motor, so that the noise can be effectively suppressed, so that the device has a noise-free production mode.
  • 6, the production efficiency is very high, the production efficiency is the form of production capacity, but also improve the output of the best way, the equipment production efficiency is mainly due to the excellent performance of the motor is very superior, the motor as the core components of the equipment for the equipment Start and run has a positive guiding significance, in general, the greater the power and speed of the motor, the equipment in the use of the process of production capacity is higher, but this is not conducive to the implementation of environmental protection, how to weigh between efficiency and environmental protection Relationship, the GM Group after careful study, scientific experiments, and ultimately have the most satisfactory decision, and the fact that the full show that: GM licensing sand machine the most advantages to meet the needs of customers, the cause of environmental protection also do Out of a strong contribution.

Quartz stone sand making machine

Quartz is a very common high quality rock-forming minerals, with non-toxic, decay, anti-oxidation, high temperature and other characteristics, is a very good mechanism of sand raw materials, is widely used in roads, railways, construction, Water conservancy and hydropower, and many other areas.

Quartz stone processing is the most commonly used equipment is quartz stone sand making machine, the current production of the equipment manufacturers on the market countless, mainly in Shanghai, Guangdong, Henan, Shanxi, Zhejiang, Heilongjiang and other places. According to incomplete statistics, Henan Province, quartz stone sanders manufacturers up to about 2/3 of the country, and the region's most popular manufacturers of non-Henan GM Mine Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as GM machine) none other than. Compared with other quartz quartz sand making machine manufacturers in Henan, GM machines produce outstanding quality and performance advantages, and the price is more economical, the specific performance is as follows:

Quartz stone sanding machine quality advantages

GM machine is a professional production of quartz stone sand making machine of large enterprises, all the equipment are produced using the best quality materials, and for each set of processes, each of the accessories are Cengcengbaguan to avoid the occurrence of defects and failure, So the quality can be completely assured, and my company all the equipment have passed the national quality inspection standards, has repeatedly won the "national Mianjian products" title. Compared with other quartz stone sand making machines on the market, the service life of our equipment can be effectively extended by 3-5 times. In addition, my company's after-sales work is in place, can further protect the quality of equipment reliability.

Performance advantage of quartz stone sand making machine

  • 1, the sand effect is good: the equipment itself is the use of sand and plastic design principles, the production of quartz sand is very beautiful, more than 98% are cube, fineness modulus of 3.0 or less, the gradation is very reasonable; and Finished product quality is very strong and durable, compressive strength, wear resistance, frost resistance, bending strength and other aspects than other manufacturers of quartz stone sand produced by the quartz sand better.
  • 2, the market prospects are good: the equipment produced by the quartz sand can be fully in line with high-quality sand standards in the market has a very wide range of application value, access to downstream consumers love, so the sale price is higher, For the production enterprises to create better economic benefits.
  • 3, the economic and environmental protection: stable operation, low failure rate is one of the most important features of the device, the use of the failure rate of the whole process decreased by 80% or more, annual savings of about 20,000 yuan maintenance costs; and the installation of a new dust removal equipment And advanced silencer device, the operation noise and dust pollution can be basically eliminated, will not cause any burden on the environment, to achieve sanding targets.

Coal gangue sand making machine

Coal gangue was originally a solid waste produced during the coal preparation process, difficult to store and transport, long-term accumulation will not only cause serious waste of land resources, but also pollute the atmosphere and the surrounding environment. With the advent of coal gangue sand making machine, not only completely solve the problem of coal gangue accumulation, but also its "waste into treasure" with its made of concrete aggregate, can effectively improve the quality of concrete, so in recent years There are more and more friends who want to invest in coal gangue processing plants. At present, more than 80% of the coal gangue sand making machine manufacturers are gathered in the Henan area, then Henan coal gangue sand making machine which strong? This is the biggest doubt in the hearts of every investor, where we strongly recommend Henan GM Mine Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as GM machine).

GM machine coal gangue sand making machine quality and reliable

GM machine is a production and sales as one of the large-scale enterprises, over the years continue to introduce advanced production technology from abroad, and focus on the production of each device, trying to achieve every detail of the perfect, so the quality of all equipment is absolutely strong and reliable The In addition, I produced the coal gangue sand making machine has passed the international quality inspection standards, and each device must be stratified screening, to ensure correct, flawless before shipment, its quality is absolutely guaranteed. I promised that all equipment in the use of the period, if any problems, our company provides free maintenance, spare parts supply and so on, so that users absolutely worry-free purchase!

GM machine coal gangue sand making machine outstanding advantages

The outstanding performance advantage is one of the biggest features of the coal gangue sand making machine provided by the GM machine. The production technology is more exquisite and the production process is more advanced, so the performance is more remarkable.

  • 1, the sand effect is good: the structure of the equipment after rationalization, the sand effect is very significant, made by the equipment made of coal gangue sand was basically cube, strong quality, beautiful grain, the application prospect is broad;
  • 2, the high efficiency of sand: switch to deep cavity specially designed rotor structure, can improve the efficiency of sand making equipment, compared with the traditional sand making machine, the production efficiency of the equipment increased by more than 50%, the output is also increased by more than half;
  • 3, energy saving is more significant: the use of advanced motor design, can reduce the energy loss of about 80% annual savings of electricity more than 100,000 yuan, and the entire operation of the equipment is basically no trouble to reduce the cost of maintenance;
  • 4, the operation is more simple: the operation of the device is very simple, small size, small footprint, so the cost of investment can be reduced by about 40%, simple and quick operation, easy to install and use.

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