Raymond Mill

Raymond Mill Currently on the market more advanced and widely used milling equipment was undoubtedly Raymond Mill. The grinding parts of the Raymond Mill are a pair of cylindrical rollers which rotate at different speeds, and the material to be ground is fed into the powder between the two rolls. Compared with disc mill and conical mill, it has the advantages of short grinding time, good processing quality and less power consumption, but its structure is more complicated.

Raymond Mill is the metallurgical, chemical, building materials, mining and other fields often used in the field of grinding equipment can be used to grind barite, fluorite, marble, dolomite, granite, calcite and other materials in the production, efficiency, energy , Environmental protection and other aspects of a significant advantage, high industrial value.

First, the structure of the Raymond Mill

The main engine includes storage hopper, spare material, ring roll grinding part, classifier (wind screen), chassis, base, transmission, lubrication system.

  • (1) ring roll grinding part. It is full of grinding roller, grinding ring, star frame (plum frame), the central axis (spindle), hanging shaft, blade (scraper) and other components. Roller (hanging rod), grinding ring, blade must use wear-resistant materials (such as manganese steel) manufacturing. The grinding ring is fixed on the base and the suspension is set in the suspension. Factory. Blade is fixed in the bottom of the hanging shaft; hanging shaft with cast steel, in order to increase the crushing force, the diameter is thick; plum frame for the cast steel, stent evenly distributed, stent dumplings hanging shaft; spindle with alloy steel, fixed on the base On the stent, the following loaded bevel gears connected with the transmission mechanism; chassis for the cylinder, casting or steel plate welding, there are maintenance doors and feed the mouth, the feed port connected with the star feeder, maintenance door with a seal The door is sealed, the general maintenance of the door is smaller, inconvenient maintenance; new mill or foreign maintenance doors for the semi-cylindrical cylinder, easy maintenance, but the seal more difficult; Working principle is: the main motor starts, the triangle belt drive a pair of bevel gear drive and slow down, driving the spindle and the spindle connected to the star frame rotation. The suspension is suspended on the star frame is hinged, the roller is set in the suspension of the lower end of the suspension, so the star frame rotation, the roller under the action of centrifugal force around the hinge center swing and close Grinding ring wall of the revolution, under the action of friction and around the center of the white axis of the suspension, so that the feed between the hanging roller and the grinding ring between the material by a strong grinding and grinding. In addition, the chassis of the mill is equipped with a ring-shaped hairdryer, the inside of the hairdryer has a number of square holes, the fan into the air flow from the Tong people into the machine, the powder raised. The blade rotates with the plum blossom and feeds the material into the roller.
  • (2) classifier. It is made of radially radial blade wheels and gears. Impeller out of the drive to drive a certain speed rotation, the coarse particles in the air flow back to the ground and then grinding, fine powder with the air through the wind screen to the dust collector (separator) to collect into powder. So the analyzer acts as a screening agent. Change the impeller speed and angle, can change the fineness of grinding, the higher the speed, the smaller the particle size; leaf and horizontal angle is smaller, smaller particle size.
  • (3) blower. From the Figure 3 & mdash; 1 know, the material is the first broken, transport, grinding, separated into a product; airway is a cycle, the blower into the host, blowing up through the analyzer to the separator, and from the separator center tube Receives the air inlet of the blower. Within the material contained in the grinding process of gas in the gasification, feeding particles into the air into the system, the system air leakage and other reasons, will lead to increased wind air flow. So in the blower of the air supply line with the gate with the overflow pipe and dust collector, excessive wind after the dust discharge in the air, so that in the mill and the separator caused by a certain negative pressure to prevent dust outside the escape.
  • (4) Feeder and storage hopper. The hopper is used to store the material that meets the feed size requirements for feeding the feeder (also known as star feeder). The feeder is a device that feeds the main unit evenly, and is generally driven by a motor. The worm belt drives a ratchet mechanism to drive the impeller drive for intermittent feeding. Feeder feed should be adjustable and have a certain air tightness, so that the mill at the best feed speed to work. Some feeders use electromagnetic vibration feeder.

Second, the work process

Raymond mill work raw materials through the manual feeding into the hopper, and then by the slow roll material will be fed between the slow roller and fast roll between the grinding, grinding through the hopper into the round sieve, sieve by the bran Outflow, sieve for the flour, from the powder out of the mouth.

Third, Raymond Mill unique advantages

  • 1, simple operation: the system is strong, can form a complete milling processing system, small size, high degree of automation, flexible operation, infrastructure costs by more than 40%.
  • 2, high security: set the automatic detection device and explosion-proof device, the operation process will not have dust explosion problem, the use of higher security, low failure rate.
  • 3, stable operation: good wear resistance of various components, running more smoothly, easy maintenance, low energy consumption, saving nearly 3 million operating costs.
  • 4, high yield and high efficiency: structural parameters design is reasonable, grinding capacity, unit time, large amount of feed, to achieve a high yield and efficient milling effect.
  • 5, energy saving: more than 40% energy saving machine, the system more energy efficient, grinding process to avoid dust pollution, green better.

Fourth, Raymond Mill production line boot sequence

A production line will have a lot of equipment, in the beginning of the production process, the first to open the machine, then open the machine, or a closing all the machines are started at the same time, this for different production lines have a different order, For example, the processing of limestone Raymond mill production line, if the request is 2 tons per hour, processing fineness at 200 mesh, this production line need jaw crusher (hammer crusher), hoist, vibration feeder, mine Grinding and other equipment.

For the above set of Raymond Mill production line, the correct boot sequence should be:

  • 1, start fighter hoist;
  • 2, start jaw crusher;
  • 3, to be expected to store the material, start the analysis machine;
  • 4, start the blower (empty load start, to be normal operation after loading);
  • 5, start the host, start the host immediately start the electromagnetic vibration feeder. At this point the grinding work is the beginning.

Raymond Mill production line configuration in the powder industry will be mainly to the high reliability, energy saving, precision, automatic condition monitoring and automatic control and other direction. You can use a SCR power supply, AC frequency control, grease lubrication, shock absorption and other measures, and condition monitoring and computer automatic control and other devices. One of the high reliability of the need to rationalize the rational study of mechanical grinding to improve the grinding ring, under the cover and other wear resistance, improve the machine in a continuous working state before the bearing lubrication. Automatic condition monitoring and automation control requires the addition of high-energy electronic control systems within the Raymond Mill, automatic control of material entry, grinding, and quantification. The operator only needs to press the button to control the operation. Improve the accuracy of the material grinding needs to strengthen the accuracy of the analyzer.

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