Portable crushing station

Portable crushing station Portable crushing station is actually a mobile crushing station, mainly used for metallurgy, chemicals, building materials, water and electricity often need to relocate the material processing, especially for highways, railways, hydropower projects and other mobile stone operations. This article is mainly on the mobile crusher in detail, to facilitate the user to buy.

Portable crushing station classification

The Portable crushing station can be divided into crawler type mobile crushing station and tire type mobile crushing station according to the operation mode. According to the crusher carried on the base frame, the Portable crushing station can be divided into jaw mobile crushing station, counterattack mobile crushing station, Type mobile crushing station, hammer type mobile crushing station and so on.

Portable crushing station advantages

  • 1, strong mobility. The Portable crushing station can be moved flexibly in the working area or on a road using a separate mobile chassis according to different crushing equipment.
  • 2, the structure is reasonable and compact, flexible and convenient, strong applicability. The design of the moving crusher has the functions of feeding, conveying, crushing and other functions, and is suitable for the operation of any site.
  • 3, material wear, durable use. Portable crushing station with high-strength cast steel, finishing process, the intensity is stronger, the use of high wear-resistant materials, so that wear and tear, wearing parts to improve the service life of more than 30%.
  • 4, low energy consumption, energy saving. The unique working principle of the Portable crushing station makes it low in energy consumption during operation, low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection.

When we put the crusher, sieving machine, conveyor equipment, etc. to form an organic whole, it became a mobile crushing station. A complete mobile crushing station must be smooth throughout the line, the output match to the minimum consumption, the maximum to meet the production needs. This whole can be divided into several parts.

1. Feeding system. The function of the mobile crushing station feeding system is to feed the raw materials into the crushers and sieves. According to different broken sieving process, feeding methods are also different. In the primary crusher feed port, are generally equipped with a separate feeder, the purpose of the ore raw materials by crusher processing speed into the crushing chamber. When the output is large, the heavy plate feeder can be used. The feeder size of the feeder is also large. You can also use the heavy loader until the train compartment is directly introduced into the feed bin. When the ore particle size is small, the belt feeder can be used. Usually the most widely used is the vibrating feeder and the reciprocating feeder. In the crushing machine and sieving machine money, in order to ensure the uniformity of the feed, but also need to configure the appropriate feeding device, the actual production, this function has a belt conveyor to complete.

2. Broken system. The crushing system of the mobile crushing station is the heart of the whole set of equipment. It is the work of the ore raw materials broken into small pieces of grain into the finished product, a mobile crushing and sieving production line can have multiple crusher composition. There are many varieties of crushing machinery, different performance. Its specific use of occasions and features can consult manufacturers.

3. Screening system. After the crushing of small particle size ore by screening machinery for grading, as a finished product. Another function of the screening machine is pre-screening.

4. Conveyor system. The transport system has three uses between mobile crushing stations. One is in the gravel screening equipment at all levels between the transmission of ore; followed in the closed-loop, for the gravel material of the return; the final product I have different grain size to the different positions of the stacking. Mobile crushing station conveyor machinery is mainly belt conveyor. In the mobile crushing station, the return part should adopt the cylinder feeder, can make the structure compact. In certain occasions, with the chute can also achieve the transport of ore.

Portable crushing station performance advantage

  • 1, can be directly selected venues, directly to the scene, without transport, directly to the finished product size;
  • 2, suitable for small crushing sites, suitable for construction waste disposal, construction waste broken;
  • 3, Portable crushing station is an integrated unit equipment installation form, eliminating the split components of the complex site installation operations, reducing the material, working hours consumption;
  • 4, good mobility, with the raw materials or construction sites together to extend, and can be a variety of combinations to meet the needs of different users of the actual production;
  • 5, the use of high wear-resistant materials, so that wear and tear, wearing parts to improve the service life of more than 30%.

Counterattack tire-type mobile crusher price

The market counterattack tire-type mobile crusher prices affected by a variety of factors, such as equipment manufacturers, specifications, quality, regional, market demand, etc., different manufacturers produced Portable crushing station equipment in product performance and product technical content And so on is certainly different, naturally its counterattack tire-type mobile crusher prices there will be some differences, the specific counterattack tire-type mobile crusher prices need to consult the specific counterattack tire-type mobile crusher manufacturers. Today, counterattack tire-type mobile crusher market quite a mixed bag, Xiao Bian in this recommended users to buy counterattack tire-type mobile crusher, we must buy in the regular manufacturers, so as to avoid money and two empty. (Online click to get the latest GM brand Portable crushing station price).

Limestone portable crushing station

Introduction to limestone

It is very important for the fields of building materials, ceramics, paint, glass, toothpaste, cosmetics, paper and so on. It is very important in the fields of building materials, ceramics, paint, glass, toothpaste, cosmetics, papermaking and so on. One of the industrial raw materials in China have distributed in various provinces, of which the most representative of Shaanxi Province, the largest reserves of resources. Limestone portable crushing station is the GM machine according to limestone characteristics, and the status quo of the processing plant design efficient crusher, its integrated unit device, can be deep into the site, the equivalent of free movement of small crushing plants, flexible, simple operation, energy efficient , Green, won the hearts of users, both at home and abroad enjoy a good market reputation.

Limestone portable crushing station structure

The Limestone portable crushing station is composed of crushing system, feeding system, screening system, conveying system, electronic control device and so on. The crushing system can act according to the need of jaw broken, hammer broken, impact broken, etc., mainly play the role of material crushing ; Feeding system is the raw material is evenly into the crusher; sieve system in a timely manner after the broken limestone material reasonable sun into a number of specifications; delivery system is of course to complete the material transfer work.

Limestone portable crushing station product features

GM machine production of Limestone portable crushing station using the international top broken technology, and integration of domestic innovative design concept made, more intelligent, humane, brand, efficiency, etc., the product features more significant.

  • 1, the optimization of the integration of components, more diversified, more equipment models, can better adapt to a variety of complex situations, more flexible operation and changeable;
  • 2, the design of advanced dust suppression device, reducing more than 90% of the dust and noise emissions, environmental pollution will be reduced to a minimum, to achieve green production results;
  • 3, the installation of automatic alarm device, once found overload operation or abnormal heating of the bearings, etc., will be issued in time to alert, in order to solve the problem faster, standardize the operation;
  • 4, the choice of materials more excellent, improve the strength and toughness of the various components, strong, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, in order to better extend the life of equipment to reduce the replacement parts to reduce the failure;
  • 5, a large number of units with broken high efficiency, the effect is significant, energy-saving ability, and work more stable, saving operating costs 5-8 million;
  • 6, small size, the production site is not much demand, the investment cost is only with the production of other non-mobile broken processing plant about 75% for the enterprise to save a lot of investment, to adapt to a wider range.

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