Mobile crushing station

Mobile crushing station

Introduction to mobile crushing station

The biggest feature of the mobile crushing station is the mobility, and it is also different from other devices show the biggest advantage, it is mainly used in the construction waste disposal, with the current technology to its research efforts continue to increase, It can also deal with marble, granite, limestone, basalt and other materials, and crushing effect can reach the user most satisfied with the degree, so this is a popular user favorite crushing equipment, you want to buy high-quality equipment to find excellent Of the manufacturer, Henan Which mobile crushing station is best, this article for the following analysis and introduction.

Mobile crushing station manufacturers recommended - GM

1, the strength of the largest

GM Machine was established in 1986, the development has gone through more than 30 years, during which we attach great importance to scientific and technological innovation and theoretical research, the company's strength and size is growing, we have a standardized production workshop, plant , R & D institutions and other departments, so we have greater strength for you to create a more high-quality mobile crushing station equipment.

2, high credibility

Users in the purchase of equipment will focus on the credibility of the manufacturers, because the high credibility of the manufacturers to produce equipment users are more at ease, more satisfied with the GM machine in the credibility of the issue is also highly valued, we continue to enhance the quality of equipment To improve the credibility of the manufacturers, so the GM machine is the industry's highest comprehensive credibility of the mobile crushing plant manufacturers.

3, the lowest price

Reasonable price is also a major advantage of the GM mobile crushing plant manufacturers, the market price of equipment is not the only, it and many factors, such as model, specifications, quality, configuration, etc., GM machine to these factors were systematically analyzed , And then in a highly responsible attitude to the user on the mobile crusher prices to conduct a comprehensive development, so our lowest price of equipment.

4, perfect service

Perfect service is also the user choice GM mobile crushing plant manufacturers on the basis of the premise of quality services can not only make the equipment life is effectively extended, but also can enhance market competitiveness, we can carry out life-long maintenance equipment, maintenance and other services , But also according to the equipment life of its system to upgrade, so as to ensure that the device can create more benefits for the user.

The eight advantages of a mobile crushing station

  • 1, to improve the utilization of equipment. This is the main feature of mobile crushing station. Its mobility is good, can be extended together with the construction site, do not need a lot of gravel in the construction phase, a device can be used in several sites between the use of gravel in the use of a lot of construction stage, you can focus more Taiwan mobile crushing station production.
  • 2, saving the cost of gravel production. It can be based on raw material sources, broken sieve processing costs and transportation costs, choose the best quarry. In the road project, you can also use the excavation along the rock mining materials, the surrounding gravel, pebbles, etc., to further save the cost of raw materials mining.
  • 3, broken station handling capacity, to the maximum to meet the construction waste disposal needs. Brick, stone, concrete and other waste crushed by the crusher, broken by mobile construction waste, brick making block, paving brick, tile tiles, color brick and other building materials products.
  • 4, easy to install and transport equipment. Mobile crushing stations are generally assembled with the factory, in the use of the scene only a slight adjustment or convergence, you can put into use. The structure of the mobile crushing station is very compact, most of the equipment can be directly on the road checked, long-distance rail transport is also very convenient.
  • 5, easy to repair, maintenance. Mobile crushing station because of its mobility is good, large, repair can be directly checked to the repair shop repair. Compared with the field maintenance, with a high quality repair, repair costs are a bit low. And in the equipment more concentrated areas or departments, you can establish a professional maintenance plant.
  • 6, the use of crushing and sieving complex, the use of construction waste recycling workstations for the integration of groups of operations, to the scene of the material broken, eliminating the complex components of the complex site installation operations, reducing the material, working hours consumption The
  • 7, to simplify the production process of gravel. The mobile crushing station can move forward along with the mining surface. Due to the distance between the working face and the equipment, the loader can be used directly, or a short distance moving belt conveyor can be used.
  • 8, flexible and flexible configuration. Mobile crusher for coarse crushing, crushing and screening system, can be a separate unit of independent operations, can also be flexible system configuration unit joint operations. The discharge hopper side provides a variety of configuration flexibility for the sieving material delivery mode. In addition to the diesel generator in the integrated unit configuration, in addition to the power supply to the unit, it can also be targeted to the process system configuration unit combined power supply.

It is because of these eight advantages, GM mobile crushing station by the majority of customers love, would like to know more about the GM mobile crushing station information, please call our consulting phone bar.

Mobile crushing station pit crushing and transporting system

Mobile crushing station pit crushing and transport system is the rise of the open pit in recent years, broken transport system, because of its low transport costs, flexible, strong road adaptability by the majority of the plant's favor. According to the degree of movement, mobile crushing station pit broken transport system can be divided into semi-mobile and full mobile, here one by one.

First, the semi-mobile crushing station in the pit crushing and transporting system

Semi-mobile crushing station combined shovel equipment in the mining interface, belt conveyor is responsible for transporting ore and dumping. The role of the crusher is to break the material to a certain size to facilitate the transport of tape machine.

At the mining interface, the shoveling equipment loads the ore into the truck and the truck delivers the ore to the semi-mobile crushing station. For the tape conveyor, the maximum size of its transport ore is generally 20% to 25% of the bandwidth, such as wide 1800mm conveyor ore particle size shall not exceed 350mm. Ore and waste Transported by the tape machine to the crushing station and the dump. The semi-mobile crushing station and the stationary crushing station are similar in construction form, but the semi-mobile crushing station can move along with the mining interface. When the truck's distance is too long to increase the cost of transportation or the depth of the pit, the semi-mobile crushing station will follow the movement to ensure the best economy, while the tape machine will follow the semi-mobile crushing station position of the mobile Lengthened. The semi-mobile crushing station moves to the new location by the crawler.

Second, the whole mobile crushing station pit crushing and transporting system

The use of all-wheel crushing station in the pit of the crushing and transport system does not use truck transport. All mobile crushing station with shoveling equipment can move with the mining interface. After the ore is blasting, it is loaded into the silo of the mobile crushing station directly through the shoveling equipment. The crushed material can be conveyed through a transfer machine or a box conveyor to a movable tape conveyor in the excavation interface. The use of this installation in the excavation interface within the tape machine is also known as the line shift equipment, making the whole system requires more transmission channels more flexible. These tape machines will be able to deliver different materials to the concentrator or dump.

Third, the whole mobile crushing station

The annual operating capacity of the mine with the crushing and transporting system in the open pit is dependent on the operating effect of the electric or hydraulic excavator and the mobile crushing station. The efficiency of mining can be ensured when the shoveling equipment is short and the mobile crushing station is always moving along with the excavation surface.

The main structure of the mobile crushing station includes a pallet feeder with a silo, a roll crusher (grading crusher or full hydraulic roller crusher), a track travel mechanism and a transport conveyor arm.

The crawler structure of the mobile crushing station is arranged on both sides of the equipment and has a small supporting area. When the shovel is discharged into the silo, it will bring great vibration to the equipment and produce a vertical upward force on the conveying conveyor arm, Greatly affected the equipment life. Therefore, some equipment manufacturers in the silo below the installation of support devices, used to ease the impact and vibration.

GM mobile crushing station uses a four-track structure, two crawler-mounted installed in the bottom of the bunker, the other two tracks arranged in front, the use of this structure can effectively reduce the equipment when the vibration and force. Mobile crushing station does not install the transport transport arm, the ore can be broken by an independent conveyor belt to the transfer machine or directly into the transfer machine, can effectively ensure the stability of equipment operation, reduce equipment failure.

Coal gangue mobile crushing station

Introduction of coal gangue

Coal gangue is a common industrial solid waste, long-term accumulation will not only take up a lot of land area, increase the economic burden of coal preparation plant, but also the release of some toxic gases, causing serious pollution of the ecological environment, so the comprehensive utilization of coal gangue The country and the government need to solve the primary problem.

The advent of coal gangue mobile crushing station, to a large extent solve the problem of coal gangue accumulation, the combination of material properties, the use of sophisticated technology designed to achieve the efficient crushing of coal gangue. After the broken series of coal gangue can be used to pave the way, do soil improver, production of cement, ceramic products, for power generation, can also be made of sintered brick, is widely used in the construction field. Then the market of coal gangue mobile crusher factory which is good? What are the product advantages of the device? Here for everyone to introduce.

Characteristics of coal gangue mobile crushing station

  • 1, equipped with high-performance, high-quality crushing, screening and other systems, to ensure that the crushing effect is more significant, the efficiency is also up more than 1.5 times;
  • 2, flexible and integrated parking function, you can go deep into the venue, quickly into the working state, eliminating the complexity of the site infrastructure installation;
  • 3, the design of advanced automatic control system, the use of computer remote operation, improve equipment stability, reduce the occurrence of failure, the use of more flexible operation;
  • 4, high-quality diesel engine equipment, low fuel consumption, low noise, the equipment to provide sufficient power to better adapt to low temperature environment, to achieve the ideal low-carbon environmental protection production effect;
  • 5, cheap, small size, investment costs can be reduced by more than 150,000 yuan, the environment is very adaptable, broken coal gangue granule excellent, good quality, the application of considerable prospects.

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