Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher introduction

Jaw stone crusher is actually we often say jaw crusher, is the current mining industry, the most widely used crushing equipment, applicable materials are granite, diabase, basalt, river pebbles, garnet, dolomite, coal Gangue, construction waste, cement clinker and so on. The equipment mainly relies on the action between the fixed jaw plate, the splitting and so on. The material is broken, the crushing effect is good, the processing ability is large, and the crusher market has a large share.

The main structure of the jaw crusher

Jaw crusher development so far, technology has developed by leaps and bounds, especially the application of integrated technology can reflect the specific advantages of the device, the so-called integration technology is to put some of the components through a certain concentration of technology gathered in a small development board above , Which greatly reduced the size of the equipment, while troubleshooting and maintenance of the fault also provides a reliable help, the successful application of integrated circuits also reflects the progress of science and technology, so that the performance of the equipment has been further improved , For the jaw crusher of the main structure, we focus on the hardware from the detailed elaboration:

1, the chassis

The chassis of the equipment is an essential part of the equipment and is one of the essential parts. Its excellent characteristics are to protect the core parts of the equipment from damage to a great extent. To improve the service life of the equipment, The At present, large-scale equipment chassis is mainly designed with high-specification materials. High-specification materials are characterized by high hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance. These advantages are not only a combination of To achieve the advantages of high-quality, while the use of equipment for the performance has also been further improved; chassis to be more carefully designed, first, in order to save raw materials, reduce production costs, and second, reasonable design for the operation of the equipment to help, Equipment running more stable, uniform speed, in order to improve the production efficiency of the equipment to provide a basis for reliability.

2, E plate

The E-plate is the core part of the equipment, and it is also the most important and most critical component, which plays a decisive role in the breaking of the material, also known as broken parts, which is an important use, which is driven by the equipment motor It is not easy to see that the position of the jaw in the whole crushing process is very important, and the performance of the part is closely related to the state of the crushed material. Relationship, so in the design of the equipment, the choice of the E plate is particularly important, so the material must definitely choose the top of the hard board texture, compression of the material, while in the design of the E plate process, The surface area of ​​the processing of reasonable, because the larger the surface area, the Jaban and material contact naturally large, not only improve the production efficiency of the equipment, while the maximum crushing ratio to achieve the equipment also provides a hardware foundation.

3, motor

The motor is also an integral part of the equipment, but also one of the equipment necessary equipment, the performance of the motor is related to the overall performance of the equipment, while the advantages of the motor can better reflect the overall performance advantages of the equipment, so when the equipment is purchased, See the engine components are excellent, reflecting the excellent performance of the engine parameters are power, energy consumption and a variety of impedance, the three parameters of the excellent degree can determine whether a motor is excellent, especially energy consumption parameters, low energy consumption of the motor is energy Environment-friendly motor, used in the equipment is energy-saving environment-friendly equipment; at the same time excellent motor on the operation of the equipment also plays a pivotal role, only the motor device performance is perfect, the equipment production process of the operating state is more stable , Then the maximum efficiency of the equipment can be fundamentally achieved.

4, into the outlet

The inlet and outlet are composed of components and positions, and the dimensions of the part must be matched with the engine model of the equipment. This will ensure that the material state of the equipment can reach the customer's actual application Standard, otherwise, the operating status of the equipment, production efficiency and crushing ratio will be seriously affected, the first operation of the equipment state: If the size of the design is too large or too small, then the operating state will be seriously blocked or the material is too fast So that the crushing effect can not meet the customer's satisfaction requirements; followed by the production efficiency, the inlet and outlet on the production efficiency is also closely linked, so the motor within the range, into the outlet size of the larger the better; Finally, the crushing ratio parameters: In general, the crushing ratio is reflected in the broken material is uniform parameters, only the inlet and outlet ratio to meet the requirements, the device can achieve the maximum crushing ratio. In the equipment into the inlet and outlet design, we must refer to the production and practice, after repeated scrutiny, research, calculation in order to get the most standard and most scientific values.

Jaw stone crusher 10 advantages

  • 1, the introduction of international advanced crushing technology, combined with the advantages of traditional crusher R & D and production, more professional;
  • 2, moving, fixed jaw plate and commonly used components are made of high-grade cast steel, with higher wear resistance, greatly extend the life of the machine;
  • 3, crushing cavity with symmetrical "V" and deep cavity structure, increase its crushing ratio, improve the crushing capacity, make the equipment more efficient, carrying capacity stronger;
  • 4, internal and external structures have been streamlined design, so that the whole smaller, beautiful appearance, applicability more flexible;
  • 5, the installation of a good over-iron protection device, can improve the safety and stability of equipment;
  • 6, moving jaw trajectory more perfect and reasonable, can make the crusher in the same power to increase production more than 2 times.
  • 7, the use of a unique centralized lubrication system, not only can save the cost of lubrication, but also greatly reduces the maintenance workload;
  • 8, the discharge port with optimized wedge adjustment device, so that the material out of the material to adjust the scope of a larger, to meet customer demand for more granularity, to achieve a multi-use machine & rdquo;
  • 9, stand-alone and the system has significant energy-saving effect, compared with the same specifications traditional crusher can save energy consumption 30% -50%;
  • 10, the overall equipment, good sealing, low noise, less dust pollution, fully meet the national environmental requirements.

Optimum Design of Performance Parameters of Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher is a very widely used crushing equipment, with the development of science and technology, jaw crusher structure design and parameter design is improving. This article mainly describes how to optimize the main performance parameters of the jaw crusher to ensure the best design and improve the production efficiency of the crusher.

  • The parameters that affect the movement characteristics and crushing characteristics of the crusher are the horizontal travel, the moving jaw characteristic value, the bite angle, the eccentricity, the moving jaw height, the swing angle and the transmission angle. Here's how to determine these parameters.
  • 1. discharge mouth and feed mouth moving jaw horizontal stroke: If the lower stroke if too small, the material suffered a small squeeze, will greatly reduce the productivity. But if too large, it is possible at the discharge port due to the extrusion of the material caused by the dramatic increase in crushing force, resulting in damage to the parts overload. Therefore, the lower stroke of the crusher is generally not greater than the minimum discharge port size of 0.70-0.75 times. For the upper stroke, it can not be greater than 2-2.2 times the eccentricity of the spindle.
  • 2. moving jaw characteristics of the value: in the case of a certain angle, the dynamic value of the jaw and crushing effect is good or bad. Vertical stroke has to promote the role of nesting, but will increase the tooth plate relative rubbing friction wear and tear, affecting the life of the tooth plate, in determining the level of the stroke conditions, the general requirements of the moving jaw characteristics of the smaller the better.
  • 3. bite angle: curly angle & le; 2tg-1f, f is the friction coefficient between the tooth plate and the material, the general 18 & deg? Le ?? & 22;
  • 4. eccentricity: the actual production, eccentricity is often a series, the choice of narrow range, generally known as a known parameter.
  • 5. moving jaw hanging height: generally take: h ≤ 0.1L ', L' is the movable jaw hanging point to the discharge port at the pitch of the projection surface of the projection.
  • 6. Swing angle: In order to ensure that the brackets and elbow pad between the rolling friction, to extend the elbow and elbow pad pad life, elbow swing angle should not exceed the brackets and brackets pad contact 2 times the friction angle.
  • 7. transmission angle: increase the transmission angle can increase the effective torque transmission, reduce the mechanical bearing at the friction resistance, improve the transmission efficiency of the body. Under normal circumstances, between 42 & deg; -55 & deg;

Jaw crusher operation should pay attention to what matters

Operation jaw crusher contains a lot of content, this article describes the jaw crusher in the no-load test, the test load, the use of the preparation before the start and use of the precautions. No load test time:

  • (1) jaw crusher continuous operation for 2 hours, bearing temperature rise shall not exceed 30 degrees Celsius.
  • (2) jaw crusher all fasteners should be solid, no loosening phenomenon.
  • (3) flywheel, trough running smoothly.
  • (4) jaw crusher all friction parts without abrasions, out and grinding phenomenon, no normal sound.
  • (5) jaw crusher discharge port adjustment device should be able to ensure that the discharge port adjustment range.

When loading test:

  • (1) crusher must not have a cycle or significant impact, impact sound.
  • (2) the maximum feed size should meet the design requirements.
  • (3) continuous operation for 8 hours, the bearing temperature rise shall not exceed 30 degrees Celsius.
  • (4) crusher production capacity and product size should meet the design requirements.
  • (5) There is no obvious movement between the adjustment seat and the rack earring.

Preparation before use:

  • (1) Carefully check if there is sufficient grease at the connection of the thrust plate.
  • (2) carefully check all the fasteners are fastened.
  • (3) carefully check the belt is good, if found to be unsafe, it should be replaced, when the belt or pulley on the oil, the application of wiping the oil wipe.
  • (4) check the protective device is good, found that there is an unsafe phenomenon, it should be promptly excluded.
  • (5) check the crushing chamber with or without ore or debris, if the ore or debris, just have to clean up to ensure that the crusher cavity to start.
  • (6) Check whether the top bolts are returned, whether the gasket is pressed, and the T-bolts are tightened.

Jaw crusher start:

  • (1) after inspection, to prove the normal parts of the machine before they can start.
  • (2) jaw crusher only in the case of no load to start.
  • (3) Before starting, you must use a ringtone or signal to warn in advance.
  • (4) after the start, if there is a phenomenon, should immediately stop running. To be identified and excluded from the normal situation before you can restart the crusher.

Production process:

  • (1) jaw crusher after the normal operation, before feeding production.
  • (2) to be broken material should be evenly into the crusher cavity, should avoid the lateral feeding or filled with the material, so as to avoid overload or bear overload.
  • (3) normal work, the bearing temperature should not exceed 30 degrees Celsius, the maximum temperature shall not exceed 70 degrees Celsius. When the temperature is exceeded, stop immediately and identify the cause and exclude it.
  • (4) before stopping, should first stop feeding, to be completely broken material after the crushing chamber, before turning off the power.
  • (5) broken, such as broken material due to crushing chamber caused by parking, should immediately shut down the power to stop running, the crushing chamber material clean, before re-start;
  • (6) jaw plate end of wear, the use of adjustable head.
  • (7) jaw crusher after a period of time, should be tightened to tighten the liner to prevent tightening the bushing loose and damage the machine.

Replacement of wearing parts of jaw crusher

Jaw Crusher The most frequent repair item is to replace the push plate. For the connecting rod is the overall crusher to remove the thrust plate, you must first screw out the baffle bolts, cut off the dry oil lubrication tubing, the thrust plate hanging in the crane hoist hook or other lifting equipment, and then can be released Level the end of the rod at the end of the spring, move the jaw to the fixed jaw direction, remove the thrust plate. If you want to remove the thrust plate, which should be connected with the front thrust plate and moving jaw pull together, remove the thrust plate.

After the thrust plate is removed, cut off the thin oil tubing and the cooling water pipe, support it with the bracket under the connecting rod, and then remove the connecting rod cover before lifting the connecting rod. The spindle of the crusher should be removed with the pulley and flywheel. Put the motor (along with the belt) along the slide as far as possible to the crusher, remove the V-belt, and then lift the axle with a crane. When removing the moving jaw, you must cut off the dry oil tubing, remove the lever, remove the bearing cover, and then pull the movable jaw with a crane or other lifting equipment.

Jaw crusher liner wear to what extent?

Jaw crusher fixed liner (tooth plate), moving jaw liner (tooth plate), both sides of the liner (guard) is the most easy to wear, serious wear and tear after the product size larger. Initial wear, can be used to turn the tooth plate, or up and down two U-turn use. Jaw wear, more in the lower part, when the teeth wear out 3/5, that is, the need for root replacement of the new liner. Both sides of the liner wear off 2/5, also need to replace the new liner.

Jaw crusher mandrel, eccentric shaft, bearing wear to what extent?

If the wear of the shaft is small, just to repair its geometry, it can be turned on the lathe, so that the journal to achieve the correct geometry, and then reduce the bearing inner strength. But after several such treatment, if the journal size than the original 5% reduction, it is not allowed to re-turn, but should replace the new axis.

Jaw crusher is working under the impact load, the bearing on the Babbitt working period of about 2 years, more than the deadline, you need to re-pouring. If the eccentric shaft and the bearing, the mandrel and the bearing are worn, the top gap is large with the original assembly gap of 1.5 times, need to adjust the pad or replace; oil groove wear 1.5mm, you should re-open the groove or adjust. The gap between the top cover and the eccentric shaft of the link head is also required to be adjusted or renewed when it is 1.5 times larger than the assembly gap. When the mortar on the Pakistani alloy has a deeper peel or a greater scratch, it should be re-cast. For the quality of the bearing after the following requirements: Pasteurized alloy surface color to be uniform, no light, silver white; pasteurized alloy surface should not have ash, cracks, trachoma, shrinkage and re-shell phenomenon.

How to replace the jaw crusher thrust plate?

When the thrust plate is seriously worn or the thrust of the thrust plate is broken, the ore in the crushing chamber must be removed, remove the worn or broken thrust plate, and check the moving jaw and connecting rod on the brackets for damage. And then move the jaw near the fixed jaw, the working surface of the brackets with dry oil lubrication, put on a new thrust plate, so that it slowly contact with the working surface of the brackets, and tighten the horizontal rod, so that moving jaw thrust plate Hold, tighten the safety cover, connect the lubrication system, and then adjust the size of the discharge port.

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