Impact crusher

Impact crusher

Impact crusher structure

Counter-break is broken equipment in the crushing equipment, its crushing function is recognized, it is really used after the jaw broken equipment, jaw broken is responsible for the rough broken, after a rough break, to go through the fine break, but also against the broken Machine, back to break the N parts of the composition, especially the accessories is very important, then what is the relationship between these accessories, how their relationship, what is the relationship between each accessories, and today we have to discuss a bit.

1, plate hammer

Plate hammer with high-chromium alloy material and the latest manufacturing technology, unique structural design, processing products were cube, no tension and cracks, grain shape is quite good; is reliable high wear-resistant castings, plate hammer wear to a certain extent Timely adjustment or replacement, in order to avoid damage to fasteners and other parts. Adjustment of the hammer: Use the hydraulic clamshell device to open the rear cover, turn the rotor by hand, turn the plate hammer to be adjusted or replaced to the service, and then fix the rotor. Remove the plate hammer. Check the door at the launch, or hanging from the middle of the rack, the need to use hand hammer demolition on the plate hammer gently tapping.

2, counterattack board

The counter-plate is usually welded with steel plate, and the counter-face is equipped with a wear-resistant liner, but it can also be made of a counter-roll or a grate plate with a counter-surface with a grate, and its product has a small grain content and a production capacity Can be improved, power consumption, but there are complex structure, counterattack surface wear difficult to replace, wear fast and other defects.

3, pressing the block

Compression block is widely used in various types of mining machinery, material quality, performance and stability, according to different requirements. After the test operation is completed, the necessary adjustment should be made to the pressing block, which has the advantages of reasonable heat treatment process, good abrasion resistance and high strength. The automatic clamping mechanism of the crusher crushing block adopts the cylinder drive and the connecting rod Mechanism and linear guide way to achieve the clamping block clamping, feeding, the other end of the grip, while the release, return and other order action. The whole process using full pneumatic control, action accurate and reliable, to meet the requirements.

4, side guard

Counter-impact liner is an important part of the impact of crusher damage, lining wear aging after the fight against the ability to drop, often caused by the liner was shot down accident, but also caused by crusher sealing performance decline to produce larger dust. Open the shelves, remove the fixed counter-liner with the opening pin, slotted nuts, bolts, you can wear the counter-liner after the replacement, if you install a new counter-liner, reverse the above steps can be.

5, square steel

Square steel was square, can be divided into seam and seamless. There is a seam steel is welded together by the steel plate made of square steel, counterattack crusher seamless steel is made by the seamless steel pipe system, and its compressive capacity is far greater than the seam pipe, The square steel of the machine equipment does not allow the material to be discharged from the front.

The working principle of the Impact crusher

Impact crusher is a relatively common crushing and crushing equipment, which is mainly used on the rotor on the high-speed rotation of the hammer, the material into the crushing chamber to produce high-speed impact and broken, and the broken material along the tangential direction High-speed throw to the other end of the crushing chamber counterattack plate, once again broken, and then rebound from the counterattack plate to plate hammer, continue to repeat the process. On the way back and forth, there is a collision between the material. As the material by the plate hammer blow, and the impact of the impact plate and the collision between the material, the material continue to produce cracks, loose and crushed. When the particle size is less than the gap between the counterweight and the plate hammer, it is discharged.

Impact crusher broken material, the material floating by the impact of plate hammer. If the material size is small, the impact force is approximately through the center of gravity of the particles, the material will be thrown along the tangential direction. If the material size is large, the material is thrown when the rotation occurs, throwing the direction and tangential direction into the angle, in order to make the material into the plate hammer within the circle, reduce the rotation, the lower part of the feed skate down

The main crushing process of the material is carried out in the I zone of the rotor. After the first impact of the material, repeated in the machine back and forth throwing. At this point, the material due to local damage and reverse, no longer as the expected trajectory for regular movement, but in different parts of the I repeated impact, and then into the II area of ​​materials, further impact crushing.

The size of the gap between the counterattack surfaces 2 and 3 and the rotor has a certain influence on the particle size composition. Increased crushing chamber on the product size uniformity and reduce the role of large particles, but increased power consumption, production capacity decreased. Usually used as crushing crusher with crushing, with 1-2 crushing chambers; crusher for crushing, with 2-3 or more crushing chambers.

Material in the crushing process of the crusher

(A) the breaking effect of a single rotor; and (b) the breaking effect of the double rotor

By the above-mentioned impact crusher crushing effect, mainly by the three forms of material broken, in the I area is free to break and bounce broken, and in the t area is mainly milling broken.

Above is the single rotor counterattack crusher working principle, double rotor crusher working principle is the same, but the double rotor impact crusher on the material broken process more intense.

There are two parallel mounted rotors in the double rotor impact crusher, which are crushed by a separate motor with oppositely rotating pairs (also in phase).

Impact crusher in the stone production line in the advantages:

  •  1, large-scale impact crusher using a closed circuit, the product size control in a specific range.
  •  2, large-scale impact crusher can break the hardness of less than 9 processing Mohs below any hardness of the material, due to the larger equipment, the relative parts of the larger impact capacity is also large, so able to break with high hardness of the material, but consumption Relatively high.
  •  3, the use of traditional anti-crusher three-chamber structure, the material can be a good crushing work, there will be no clogging, broken the occurrence of the phenomenon.
  •  4, the most important point, although the larger equipment running power, but its high efficiency, superior crushing capacity and high efficiency makes large-scale impact crusher in the large stone production line is gradually popular.

Impact crusher Maintenance knowledge

Impact crusher is a jaw crusher after another commonly used crushing equipment, in the cement industry, building materials industry, coal chemical industry, mineral processing industry can often see its shadow. Impact crusher referred to as anti-broken, handling 100 to 500 mm below the material without mention, can reach 350 MPa high-intensity pressure. Limestone, iron ore, river pebbles, granite, basalt, concrete, marble and other minerals and rocks are impact crusher broken objects. In order to protect the normal production of anti-break, continuous operation, the increase in service life, do routine maintenance is essential.

The daily maintenance of the equipment is as important as people's physical examination, only regular maintenance can be timely troubleshooting problems, to avoid accidents. Counterattack the daily maintenance of the following aspects

1 check

① check the anti-break in the course of running is smooth, if the equipment in the course of the vibration suddenly become larger, to timely parking check, can not force the operation. ② wear parts should be regularly checked, if there is serious wear and tear of the situation should be timely replacement of wearing parts, not to save, continue to wear serious wear and tear pieces. ③ check counterattack on all the bolts are fixed firmly, can not loose phenomenon. ④ check the rotor is balanced, if there is excessive phenomenon, must be immediately adjusted. ⑤ production process to check whether the material meets the standard humidity, feeding is uniform.

2 lubrication

Counter-break the lubrication problem can not be underestimated, lubrication can do bad to the entire equipment can bring devastating damage. Equipment for every eight hours to add a lubricant, grease will need to change once every three months. The use of lubricating oil according to different equipment, different climate, different environments and choose the corresponding lubricants. Replacement to do a good job cleaning, lubrication work is best to have someone responsible for recording the relevant replacement time in order to avoid and avoid confusion.

3 bearing temperature

Counter breaking the bearing temperature within 35 degrees Celsius is within the safe temperature, the maximum can not exceed 70 degrees Celsius, once the phenomenon of abnormal high temperature must be timely parking to find the reasons. Abnormal increase in bearing temperature is generally associated with grease, grease too much or too little may cause high temperature bearings, grease is not clean and there will be impurities when the bearing temperature increases. There is a bearing itself problems such as bearing wear or damage to the support frame will also cause high bearing temperature. Flying slot position deviation, the rack beating will also cause high temperature bearings.

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