Crusher Crusher is the discharge of more than three millimeters in the size of the total discharge of more than 50% of the crushing machinery. Broken operations often according to the size of the feed and discharge size is divided into coarse, broken and crushed. Commonly used crusher jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, composite crusher, cone crusher and so on several.

Hammer Crusher Working Principle and Structure

1. Hammer crusher working principle

Hammer crusher working principle is driven by the motor, the crusher rotor high-speed rotation. Material into the crusher, immediately by the impact of high-speed rotation of the hammer and crushed. After the broken material by the hammer of the hammer to the chassis of the high-speed impact of the liner and grate by the second broken. Less than the grate of the material will be discharged from the gap, the larger pieces of the material in the crushing chamber continue to be the impact of hammer until broken, through the grate bar gap.

Hammer crusher structure

Single rotor hammer crusher mainly by the box, turntable, shaft, hammer, grate, adjust the frame and the coupling and other components.

Hammer crusher shell is welded with steel plate box structure, along the axis of the center into the upper and lower parts, during which the connection by the bolts, the top of the chassis to the feed port. In order to avoid the inner wall of the box under the impact of the material under the impact of wear and deformation, the cabinet are set with protective liner inside. Turntable has a triangle and round two, triangular turntable three edges easy to wear, if not found in time, easy to fall hammer, its life is not as round turntable. In the turntable wearing a mandrel, hammer through the mandrel were staggered on the turntable, the hammer between the isolation sleeve isolation.

When the rotor rotates at high speed, the hammer crushes the material under centrifugal force. The shaft is supported by both ends of the shaft, and the bearing housings are mounted on both sides of the box and are fixed with bolts. The grate bars are arranged on the grate frame with the rotor shaft as the center, and the grate frame is fixed to the box by bolts. The lower part of the box is equipped with two eccentric shafts. Rotate the handle on both sides of the machine so that the eccentric wheel rotates at an angle so that the grate bar can be lifted or lowered so that the clearance between the hammer and the grate can be adjusted and the desired product size is obtained. It is not necessary to stop when adjusting.

Simple Swing Type Jaw Crusher Working Principle

Jaw crusher with jaw and moving jaw, fixed jaw fixed on the front wall of the frame, moving jaw is hanging on the mandrel.When the eccentric shaft rotation, driving the connecting rod for reciprocating motion, so that the two thrust plate Also with the reciprocating movement, through the role of thrust plate, to promote hanging on the mandrel of the moving jaw for reciprocating motion. When the moving jaw toward the jaw, the material falling in the jaw cavity is mainly crushed by the jaw plate. When the moving jaw swing from the jaw, the material has been shattered under the action of gravity, the lower jaw cavity of the discharge port free discharge. So the jaw crusher work is intermittent, crushing and unloading process in the jaw cavity alternately.This crusher work, moving jaw on the point of the suspension shaft as the center, simply for the arc swing. As the trajectory is relatively simple, it is called a simple swing jaw crusher, referred to as the pendulum jaw crusher. As the moving jaw for the arc swing, swing the distance above the small, the following large, to move the bottom of the jaw (that is, the mouth) for the largest. Analysis of the moving trajectory of the moving jaw shows that the upper part of the jaw (at the feed port) horizontal displacement and vertical displacement, only the lower part of the left and right see Figure 1-5 (a). The swinging distance of the jaw at the feed port is not conducive to the clamping and crushing of the large material fed into the jaw cavity, and thus can not supply the material with the larger swing and the broken jaw cavity bottom, Limiting the jaw crusher production capacity. According to the movement of the moving jaw trajectory, the maximum stroke in the lower part of the moving jaw, and the discharge port width in the crusher operation is changing, so the broken material particle size is not uniform. As the pendulum jaw crusher jaw vertical displacement is small, broken when the phenomenon of grinding less, the material on the jaw plate wear and tear small.

Working principle and performance characteristics of counter - blown sand making machine

Anti-sanding machine works is the material from the hopper into the sand machine, the material will be divided into two parts, part of the middle of the feeder into the high-speed rotation of the impeller, the rapid acceleration in the impeller, the acceleration Up to hundreds of times the acceleration of gravity, and then 60-70 m / s speed from the impeller three uniform flow of the projectile out, first with the sub-collector around the part of the material falling from the impact of broken, and then hit to Vortex chamber material lining, the material lining rebound, obliquely impact to the top of the vortex cavity, but also to change its movement direction, deflecting downward movement, from the impeller flow of material to form a continuous material curtain. Such a piece of material in the vortex crushing chamber by two times as many times the probability of impact, friction and grinding crushing effect. The broken material is discharged from the lower discharge port. In the whole crushing process, the material is self-impact crushing, not in direct contact with the metal components, but with the material lining impact, friction and crushing, which reduces the angle of pollution, to extend the mechanical wear time. Vortex cavity inside the clever air from the cycle, eliminating the dust pollution.

 Its performance features are as follows:

  •  1, wearing parts loss is low, all wearing parts are used at home and abroad high-quality wear-resistant materials, long service life A small amount of easy wear parts made of special hard wear-resistant materials, small size, light weight, easy to replace parts;
  •  2, the product was cube, bulk density, pollution, can be used for stone shaping machine;
  •  3, the structure is simple and reasonable, self-hit broken, ultra-low use of the cost;
  •  4, the unique bearing installation and advanced spindle design, so that the machine has a heavy load and high-speed rotation characteristics, with crushing, coarse grinding function; high reliability, strict security devices to ensure equipment and personal safety;
  •  5, smooth operation, low noise, high efficiency and energy saving, high crushing efficiency; by the impact of material moisture content, water content of up to 8%
  •  6, vortex chamber internal air circulation, dust pollution. Impeller and vortex crushing cavity of the material from the lining to significantly reduce the cost of wear parts and maintenance workload. Production process, the stone can form the protection of the bottom, the body without wear, durable;
  •  7, the installation of diverse, mobile installation.

 Counterattack sand making machine to meet the needs of the domestic infrastructure construction, ease the market demand for natural sand shortage of the situation, its production in the cement also played a very big role for the development of the cement industry to bring a great change.

Mobile crushing station

Mobile garbage crusher, also known as mobile garbage crushing station, is a new type of mobile, efficient integrated crushing equipment. With the rapid development of urbanization of industrial buildings, urban construction waste gradually increased, the use of mobile garbage crusher also will be extended to a wide range of promotion.

Mobile garbage crusher is mainly classified

  • 1, according to their different ways, can be divided into crawler mobile garbage crusher and tire mobile garbage crusher;
  • 2, according to their different with the broken device can be divided into a cone-type mobile garbage crusher, counterattack mobile garbage crusher, jaw mobile garbage crusher;

Mobile garbage crusher performance advantage

  • 1, mobile garbage crusher to material on-site broken, and with the raw material mining surface to move and move, thus greatly reducing the cost of transport of materials.
  • 2, mobile garbage crusher with flexible and convenient, highly mobile, can save a lot of infrastructure and the cost of relocation and other advantages.
  • 3, mobile garbage crusher is an integrated unit of integrated unit equipment installation form, eliminating the complex components of the complex site installation operations, reducing the material, working hours consumption.

Cone crusher

Cone crusher is mainly in the high hardness of the ore material in the fine processing, mining, metallurgy, building materials, cement, roads, railways, water conservancy, construction and many other areas of indispensable one of the important equipment. In recent years, with the continuous improvement and improvement of China's industrial level, the demand for cone crusher is increasing.

Performance characteristics of cone crusher

  • 1, the structure is simple: the overall structure of the device has been optimized to improve the configuration between the various components more reasonable, so its volume is reduced, the appearance is more beautiful, the area is also reduced by 1/3;
  • 2, easy to operate: The device uses an electrical centralized control system, all the equipment operation process can be remotely controlled by the computer, the basic realization of field staff, can save about 60% of the operating costs;
  • 3, longer life: broken cone and other major components are using the best quality material design, can enhance its compression resistance, resistance to play, anti-wear, etc., effectively improve the crushing efficiency and extend the service life of about 2 times;
  • 4, the effect is better: the use of "laminated crushing" principle, the stone can be selectively broken, the broken finished stone quality solid, beautiful grain size, size can be adjusted, more favored by consumers, the market Higher price;
  • 5, energy saving and environmental protection: the device can save energy consumption of more than 80,000 yuan per year, and its operation can be dust and noise pollution control, to achieve zero dust, low noise ideal broken effect.

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