Construction waste crusher

Construction waste crusher

Construction waste introduction

Construction waste is generally refers to industrial waste, with the city building continues to move forward, the accumulation of garbage is more and more, over time, it not only takes up a certain land area, while the contemporary ecological environment caused a great threat , So the treatment of construction waste is the most important problem in the contemporary industry to solve the problem, only a reasonable treatment, in order to minimize the environmental hazards, then what is the treatment of construction waste equipment? The relevant departments of the relevant departments of the system analysis and research, combined with its characteristics, recommend the use of mobile crushing station, this article on the equipment system introduced.

Performance of mobile crushing station

  • 1, the biggest advantage is the large amount of construction waste disposal, production is very high, very suitable for large-scale construction waste processing plant.
  • 2, full-featured, set crushing, screening, transportation and other functions in one, adaptable and flexible, can be stable in any production environment.
  • 3, crawler walking mode, will not cause damage to urban roads, transport and moving more convenient.
  • 4, all-wheel drive, turning radius is small, easy to turn, can be flexible in the mining area, easy to operate.
  • 5, the operation of the fuel and electricity is low, the failure rate is less, the total cost reduced by more than 40%.
  • 6, the operation process without dust and noise pollution, more low-carbon environmental protection, cost-effective.

Dealing with construction waste preferred & mdash; & mdash; mobile crushing station

As the construction waste has a regional distribution, so the mobile crushing station is the most reasonable treatment of construction waste equipment for the following reasons:

1, Mobility

Mobility is the biggest feature of the device, but also different from other devices to show the greatest advantage, because the distribution of construction waste is more dispersed, so the user to deal with the equipment is just right, which is the majority of users in the construction of garbage The process of choice for mobile crushing station one of the main reasons, and thus get the majority of users unanimously approved.

2, the highest yield

GM machines in the development of the equipment, the equipment was carefully designed, especially in the production of special attention, because the high-volume equipment to create more economic benefits for users, compared with other devices, the GM mobile crushing station Production capacity, high efficiency, so that its production and production capacity to meet the user's expectations of the application standards.

3, the longest life

The new generation of mobile crushing machine chassis with the hardness of the largest metal casting made of high-quality chassis can protect the internal components of the device from damage, the extension of the equipment to extend the service life of a solid hardware foundation , Through the equipment sales can see its specific advantages, so long life of the equipment is easier to get the user's favor.

4, simple operation

Construction waste crusher

The structure of the device is very rational design, and the convergence between the various components is very compact, but also uses the industry's most stable performance of the motor, excellent motor can improve the stability of the operation of the equipment, the operation of the equipment to reduce the difficulty A great convenience, the user can save a training expenses.

What is the price of the mobile crushing station?

The above advantages of the equipment were introduced in detail, then the mobile crushing station price is how much? Reasonable price can enhance the market competitiveness, but also can effectively enhance the equipment sales, through a series of contrast and investigation shows that the price is unstable, it and model, configuration, quality, performance, etc. are closely linked, At the same time market demand, economic dynamics, industry rules and other factors will lead to mobile crushing station price changes, only these factors after a systematic comparison in order to make a reasonable price decision, GM machine is well-known mobile broken Station manufacturers, the quality of our equipment is guaranteed, while the price can also meet the user's actual purchase needs, which is GM equipment sales of the main internal performance.

Comprehensive utilization of solid waste for construction waste

Problems in Comprehensive Utilization of Solid Waste of Construction Waste

At present, China's annual construction and production of waste generated and discharged amounted to 40 million tons, accounting for 30% to 40% of the total municipal waste.

For a long time, China's construction waste recycling did not cause enough attention, usually without any treatment, it was transported to the suburbs of the construction unit or rural areas, the use of open storage or landfill approach to deal with, not only consume a lot of land acquisition costs, Garbage removal and other construction funds, and the removal and stacking process of the sprinkle and dust, ash sand flying and other issues have caused serious environmental pollution.

With the promulgation and implementation of various laws and regulations on cultivated land and environmental protection, how to properly handle and discharge construction waste has become an important subject facing the construction enterprises and environmental protection departments.

Most of the construction waste is solid waste, usually in the construction process or the old building maintenance, removal process, mainly by the soil, dregs, scattered mortar and concrete, chisel masonry and concrete fragments, piling off Of the reinforced concrete pile head, metal, bamboo wood, decoration produced waste, all kinds of packaging materials and other waste and other components.

In fact, many of the waste in construction waste can be reused as a renewable resource after sorting, rejecting or professional construction waste disposal equipment, such as scrap steel, scrap wire, waste wire and various scrap parts and other metal , By sorting, concentration, re-furnace, you can re-manufacture a variety of steel products. Waste wood can be used to make artificial wood. Brick, stone, concrete and other waste after crushing, can be on behalf of the sand, for masonry mortar, plaster mortar, playing concrete cushion, etc., can also be used for making blocks, paving tiles, lattice tiles and other building materials. Therefore, we in the construction waste disposal, we must adhere to comprehensive utilization.

At present, the construction waste disposal research and potential are full of vitality, but really want to achieve large-scale, low cost, environmental protection operation is also facing many difficult to solve and yet to be solved. Only by recognizing the existence of these problems, can one by one targeted to overcome in the future can be faster and better achieve the goal of comprehensive utilization. The objective presence and situation of these issues will be presented in the list below.

Purchase construction waste processing line

The Construction waste crusher production line refers to the purpose of crushing and sieving the construction waste through machinery to achieve reuse.

The process flow of the Construction waste crusher production line generally includes processes such as feeding, crushing, magnetic separation, screening, winnowing, and finished products. A certain amount of dust will be generated during the construction waste disposal process. We can use the spray dust removal method. The scale of construction waste processing production lines is generally designed to produce 50 to 200 square meters. If a large-scale Construction waste crusher plant is built, it can be configured to produce 500 square meters or even higher production line scale. The equipment for construction waste disposal production line can be based on users. The actual situation is equipped, so customers only need to tell us about your actual situation. All follow-up services are completed by our manufacturers.

The Construction waste crusher production line equipment can choose the complete fixed processing equipment, semi-mobile construction waste disposal equipment or complete mobile crushing station.

If you are focusing on construction waste, the completely fixed construction waste disposal equipment is your best choice. It is one-third cheaper than the semi-mobile type and more than half the cost of the fully mobile type.

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