Cone crusher

Cone crusher

Cone crusher application

Cone crusher is widely used in metallurgical industry, building materials industry, road construction industry, chemical industry and silicic acid industry, suitable for crushing medium and medium hardness of various minerals and rocks, the machine has a large crushing force, high efficiency, High volume, low cost of action, easy to adjust, the use of economic and other characteristics. As the parts selection and structural design is reasonable, so long life, and broken product size uniformity, reducing the cycle load, in large and medium size crusher, the use of hydraulic clearance system, reducing downtime, and each specification Of the crusher cavity type, the user can according to different needs, choose a different cavity type, in order to better meet the needs of users. The seal of the machine is sealed with grease, which avoids the shortcomings of water supply and drainage system. It is an overload protection device. It can be used for foreign matter and iron block through crushing chamber without harming crusher. The machine is divided into standard type and short head type. Generally speaking, the standard type feeding particle size is large, the grain size of the discharging material is also coarse, the crushing cone of the short head type is steep and the grain size is small, which is beneficial to the production of fine Material, so the standard type is generally used for coarse, broken, short head type for, crushing.

Working principle of cone crusher

During operation, the rotation of the motor passes through the pulley or coupling shaft, the cone crusher and the cone of the cone crusher in the eccentric sleeve under the force of a week around the fixed point for the rotary motion. So that the crushing of the broken cone and sometimes close to and then away from the fixed set in the adjustment of the shell on the surface of the mortar, so that the ore in the crushing chamber continue to be impact, extrusion and bending to achieve the ore crushing.

Cone Crusher Features

In the case of unbreakable foreign matter through the crushing chamber or for some reason the machine is overloaded, the cone crusher spring insurance system achieves insurance, and the cone crusher increases the ore. The foreign body is discharged from the crushing chamber of the cone crusher, such as foreign matter stuck in the discharge port using the cavity system, so that the ore discharge continues to increase, so that the foreign body from the cone crusher crushing chamber. Cone crusher in the role of the spring, the discharge port automatically reset, cone crusher machine to return to normal work.

Introduction of Cone crusher

  • The advantages of the device and other crushing equipment is reflected in the following three aspects:
  • 1, the applicable material types: Cone crushing for a wide range of materials, it can be broken medium and medium hardness above all the materials and rock, such as: limestone, dolomite, iron ore, concrete and sand, etc., but also According to the type of material to achieve automatic adjustment, which is its broken material size can meet the user's actual standards, the advantages of the device makes a substantial increase in the overall application rate, which can create a more valuable economic benefits for the user.
  • 2, the maximum production capacity: cone broken with a high-quality motor, so its production capacity is more secure, because the high-quality motor is to improve the production capacity of important components, and its a comprehensive reliability test, So that the safety of the components can be guaranteed, so the equipment production capacity can be maximized, and its production efficiency to meet the highest standards, production, production capacity is also fully consistent with the actual needs of users.
  • 3, the longer life: high quality makes the cone life longer life, in addition, the basic configuration of the equipment is to extend the life of the hardware base, the device chassis with the largest hardness, corrosion resistance of the most Strong, wear-resistant metal made of the highest, high-quality chassis can not only protect the internal components of the device from damage, while extending the life of the equipment also provides an important theoretical basis, which is the user selected enough equipment The main reason for the broken operation.

250 tons of cone crusher

Crusher equipment is essential to the ore processing plant equipment, the current market, more crushing equipment, many processing plants do not know what equipment to improve the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources, the following GM machine for everyone to recommend a highly efficient crushing equipment , Immediately produce 250 tons of cone crusher, the following brief description of the crusher.

Introduction of 250 tons of cone crusher

250 tons of cone crusher is the GM machine at the user's request, through the introduction of the United States, Japan and other countries of the advanced technology development and production of a crushing equipment, the main structure includes the rack, fixed cone, moving cone, Feeding device and so on. The equipment is widely used, can be used for copper, iron ore, limestone, river pebbles, bluestone, basalt, hornblende, kaolinite, potash feldspar, glauconite, pyrophyllite and other medium and above material broken, In the chemical industry, metallurgy, construction, building materials and other fields has a very wide range of applications, can effectively improve the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources, the economic and social benefits of enterprises play an important role.

250 tons of cone crusher working principle

When the 250-ton cone crusher is started, the motor rotates through the horizontal axis and gear, and the broken cone is rotated under the action of the eccentric sleeve so that the surface of the crushing wall is sometimes close to the surface of the mortar wall, Wall surface, so that the material in the crushing chamber continue to be squeezed, impact, impact and broken.

Performance characteristics of 250 tons of cone crusher

  • 1, the equipment is due to the principle of layer compression crushing, crushing cavity type structure design is very reasonable, making the broken material not only small size, and the shape is also very beautiful.
  • 2, the device set up a unique liner fastening system, making the dismantling of the liner is relatively quick and easy to replace, maintenance is relatively easy.
  • 3, the equipment is equipped with the latest US developed highly efficient drive motor, crushing efficiency greatly improved.
  • 4, the equipment is equipped with advanced automation system, so that operators do not have to monitor the production site to the power, pressure, current and discharge conditions, etc., to reduce the operator's work pressure and burden.
  • 5, the device's lubrication device set reasonable, tight seal, there will be no spindle fracture and other issues.
  • 6, the equipment in the production process almost no noise and dust, carbon dioxide emissions less, conform to the development trend of energy saving and environmental protection.
  • 7, the equipment in the production process of ultra-low failure rate, the operation process is relatively stable, there is no security risk.

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