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  • Behaviors of the Overburden Strata on Extra

    A numerical modeling was conducted to describe the behavior of overlying strata on the longwall top coal caving face for exploitation of a 16.8 m thick coal seam. Three typical structural models, including the Cantilever Structure (CS), Lower Cantilever and Upper Hinged Arch Structure (LCUHA), and Lower Arch and Upper Voussoir Beam (LAUVB

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  • International Journal of Coal Geology

    2018-5-19Longwall top coal caving coal mining Shear slip ABSTRACT Microseismicity has long been a precursor for underground mining hazards such as rockbursts and coal and gas outbursts. In this research, a methodology combining deterministic stress and failure analysis and stochastic

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  • Discrete element modeling of gravity flow of broken

    The authors perform 3D discrete element modeling of pre-broken coal and dirt discharge in underground mining with sublevel caving of thick coal seams. The process of force interaction between rocks and powered roof support is analyzed. The difference between the discharge regimes with feeders equipped with smooth and corrugated surfaces is demonstrated.

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  • Case Study on Overburden Fracturing during

    Rock Mech Rock Eng (2017) 50:507–511 DOI 10.1007/s00603-016-1096-8 TECHNICAL NOTE Case Study on Overburden Fracturing during Longwall Top Coal Caving Using Microseismic Monitoring 1 1,2 3 • • Bin Yu Jun Zhao Hongtian Xiao Received: 2 June 2015 / Accepted: 17 September 2016 / Published online: 22 September 2016 Springer-Verlag Wien 2016 Keywords Super-thick coal seam u0002 Longwall top

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  • Height of overburden fracture based on key strata

    2020-1-24Among the three overburden zones (the caving zone, the fracture zone, and the continuous deformation zone) in longwall coal mining, the continuous deformation zone is often considered to be continuous without cracks, so continuum mechanics can be used to calculate the subsidence of overburden strata. Longwall coal mining, however, will induce the generation of

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  • 2019-3-3Abstract:The collapse of hugely-thick conglomerate stratum (HTCS) over longwall top coal caving (LTCC) affects its safe production. Taking the coal face extremely-thick coal seam and its overlying HTCS in Gengcun coal mine as the engineering background, the whole process of deformation movement of HTCS over the coal face was studied with similar simulation test.

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  • Longwall Mining

    2010-4-30Longwall Top Coal Caving (LTCC) Technical Principle Of Top Caving Rock stress 1st pressure Low stress Stress 2nd pressure Compact peak abrupt drop peak stress Pressure curve of top coalseam Fracture 5600 Coal Broken Coal coal goaf caving 2800 Working Height Front AFC Rear AFC back Mine scheduling process Venkat Masabattula. Energy

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  • Mining Safety of Longwall Top

    2020-11-42Zhangji Coal Mine, Xuzhou Mining Bureau, Xuzhou 221147, Jiangsu Province, P.R of China ABSTRACT Longwall top-coal caving technology has developed rapidly in China, in recent years. The application of longwall top-coal caving can double both the productivity and the efficiency of a working face and reduce the cost of production by 30 to 40o/o.

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  • Effi cient Mining of High Seams with Automated LTCC

    2018-7-16longwall machinery has grown more complex, forcing manufacturers to optimize interaction between systems and machines such as roof supports, conveyors, beam stage loaders and shearers. In the past decade, these systems became even more complex with the professional introduction and extended usage of the Longwall Top Coal Caving technology

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  • Barloworld Equipment

    Longwall Top Coal Caving - The Longwall Top Coal Caving (LTCC) roof support allows mining to a total seam height of more than 10 m (33 ft) by using a longwall shearer to cut the bottom 2.8-3.0 m (9.2-9.8 ft) and then caving the top coal behind the roof supports onto a rear AFC.

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  • A particle

    A 3D particle-based numerical approach to simulate the longwall top coal caving (LTCC) process was proposed, which for the first time the effect of continuous support advance and the face-end support were considered. The shape of drawing body and top coal boundary and the distribution characteristics of coal loss were analysed. The top coal flow trajectories and velocity fields

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  • full

    3212 (II) Working Face of Lushuidong Coal Mine of Guangneng Company of Sichuan Coal Group is located in the West Wing of Daluowan anticline. The panel length of this coal mine is 550 meters. The length of working face is 110-140 maters. Coal seam dip increases gradually from north to south, which is higher in the south and lower in the north.

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  • 2015-1-26: :,,,, Abstract: Abstract: As the constrained boundary of drawing process after initial top coal drawing, the development process and morphological characteristic of initial interface between coal and rock is vital to subsequent drawing process under longwall top coal caving technique.

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  • University of Wollongong Research Online

    2020-10-13The main outputs from this modelling process include a measure of caveability or recovery and draw profile; and the effect of operating controls upon them. INTRODUCTION . BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) is currently in the process of implementing the Longwall Top Coal Caving (LTCC) mining method at Broadmeadow Mine (BRM).

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  • Top

    In longwall top-coal caving (LTCC) mining with an inclined seam, the recovery rate is low and equipment stability is poor due to the unbalanced top-coal drawing process. To address these problems, this paper proposes the dynamic group caving method (DGCM), whose basic premise is that when the drawn volume of top coal from a support reaches

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  • Latest Developments in Longwall Mining Technology

    2016-11-8supplying special shields for the longwall top coal caving method (LTCC), where extremely thick seams are being mined. This method utilizes a second AFC behind the shields to take the coal on top of the longwall outside of the face. Several such systems have been supplied and successfully installed in Australia at the

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  • Stress analysis of longwall top coal caving

    Longwall top coal caving (LTCC) is a relatively new method of mining thick coal seams that is currently achieving high productivity and efficiency in application, particularly in China. The technique is similar to traditional longwall mining in that a cutting head slices coal from the lower section of the coal seam onto a conveyor belt

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  • Top Coal Caving Longwall Maximizes Thick Seam

    2007-8-28What is Longwall Top Coal Caving? Due to the inherent operational problems and high costs associated with the -slicing longwall method, and the legislative requirement from the central government of a 93% (minimum) recovery rate, LTCC was introduced to the Chinese coal industry in 1982 (based on the European soutirage methods).

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  • Seismic monitoring and analysis of excessive gas

    2016-7-4Longwall Top Coal Caving (LTCC) district where the above mentioned monitoring programme was implemented. This paper presents a detailed analysis of the processed seismic tomography and microseismic monitoring data leading to and post this excessive gas emission incident. Specifically,

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  • SKMBT C220 13033019210

    2015-12-21Top coal caves because it has been fractured due to abutment stresses and loosened by the mining process — the lowering and setting horizon of the seam, and the coal remaining between the two faces is recovered by caving. Thick seams can be almost completely designed and inadequate roof supports are likely to have a greater effect on results than

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  • Research Academy Themes

    2018-6-26The Longwall Top Coal Caving (LTCC) mining method offers great potential for extraction of thick coal seam since LTCC has been identified as one of the most economic mining methods for coal seams of 6m thickness and greater – subject to in situ geotechnical conditions.

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  • Numerical Investigation of Top Coal Drawing

    In longwall top coal caving (LTCC), the resource recovery ratio of the working face is directly determined by the top coal recovery ratio. An investigation of the evolution of top coal drawing characteristics and revealing the evolution of top coal drawing parameters is necessary when providing guidance for caving parameter selection and improving the top coal recovery ratio.

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  • Technique of top coal caving with vibration

    2017-1-22How to understand the top coal caving process and increase the top coal recovery ratio is one of the urgent problems to be resolved for the longwall top coal caving technology. The paper mainly studies a new theory and technique of top coal caving with vibration. The vibration device is mounted on the shield beam of the top coal caving support.

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  • Factors Considered for Increasing Longwall

    2013-8-22The process of increasing the width of longwall panels, while helping to increase coal production, reducing continuous miner development, and increasing coal reserve recovery, will result in additional design considerations for equipment, roof control, ventilation design, infrastructure and longwall moves. Table 1—Productivity Improvements

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  • Hydraulic fracturing of hard top coal and roof for

    1. Introduction. There are many extra-thick coal seams in China, and the primary mining method is fully mechanized top coal caving (Yasitli and Unver 2005, Huang et al 2007, 2011).Because the top coal is thick, and the amount of gas emissions in the working face is large, the 'U + I' ventilation method is usually applied, i.e. setting a high-level gas drainage lane parallel to and

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